The intellect says: You’ll never be able to do that – don’t be silly! Where will you get the money? You are wasting your time on an impossible dream. Be more realistic! Be sensible!

Love-consciousness works differently; its message comes from the heart and instead of being drowned in thought, love-consciousness trusts. To achieve your dreams, you must trust in your heart and go beyond the limitations of the intellect.  Who was it that told you that you couldn’t realize your dreams? Maybe it was your father or your mother. Or perhaps it was your school teacher. As you begin to live from your experience of love-consciousness, instead of being conditioned by your thoughts and emotions, you  will begin to live in the present moment, and you will begin to live your dreams as a beautiful expression of this love within you.

When we start to feel complete on the inside and embrace the fullness of the present moment, we stop being so anxious about fulfilling our desires.  It is then that we begin to create the life and experiences that we’ve always wanted. Our surroundings begin to mirror our inner fulfillment and everything flows to us in abundance: love, relationships, material wealth, professional opportunities and better health and wellbeing. Every area of our ​​life grows and matures as our inner experience expands in solidity. 

Love-consciousness is the most magnetic experience in the universe. It automatically draws everything to itself from a place of innocence. Instead of limiting our dreams to a fixed idea about what we think we need to be happy, as we get in touch with love-consciousness, we open ourselves to the excitement of the unpredictable; we develop a deep confidence that the universe will provide us with a magic and wonder that far exceed the limits of our imagination.

We begin to embrace our projects and goals with a blissful passion, and without the anxiety or the obsessive impatience that previously permeated our desires. When we are complete within ourselves, we can truly enjoy all the abundance of the universe without the fear of loss that used to lurk beneath the surface.

While love-consciousness witnesses the world without expectations, the intellect loves to dissect the human experience: “Why is it raining today in the middle of summer?” It’s raining because it’s raining, and it’s perfect that it’s raining; not every day has to be sunny. Things simply are as they are. In the same way, you can learn to accept your experiences as you do the weather: by simply embracing  them in each moment and feeling them one hundred percent. No need to get hooked on the why or the how; instead, let go and simply be in the fullness of what is.

Every day will be different. Embrace the changes and transformations. Whatever happens naturally is perfect. The faster you let go of the need to understand and open up to receive your true essence, the faster you will find the answers, because they will come from your own heart, from your very essence – ultimately, all the answers will come from within you.

Focus on what you want, but then let go. Use some tool for introspection to embrace the magic of the now, to anchor you in the present moment, and your dreams will come true. Then, when they are fulfilled, they will only add to your joy, rather than being the condition upon which your happiness depends.