If you focus on your greatness, on love-consciousness, the power of your being will shine inside of you.  The presence of love is always inside of us waiting patiently for us to look within to claim our true lover, what we’ve always been waiting for: our Being.  In the heart of union, beyond time and space, love exists within everything. Take your attention within and start to experience the energy of unconditional love.

We’ve all been called to awaken in our lives: moments in which we realize that something more exists, some realization that we can live in a different way that will make us feel more fulfilled.  We tend to ignore these warnings, but the opportunity keeps knocking on the door until we take notice of it.

But very often we choose fear despite the fact that it makes us miserable.   We feel safe when we don’t take risks, and when we protect ourselves from the unpredictability of life.  But this isn’t truly living. If we don’t take risks out of fear of being wrong, we’re already making a mistake by not being true to our heart.

We’re so identified with our minds that we believe we are what we think.  Our thoughts have the power to change our mood: they stress us, they worry us, and they can take us into depression or even panic attacks.  While we are at the mercy of our fickle intellect, we will never manage to find lasting happiness.  Instead of living like this, we have to build our house on solid rock, on a stable base upon which we can build a life of peace, trust and security.

The true value of self-discovery is much greater than the material.  There’s nothing wrong with external success, but the heart always yearns for something more.  Looking for external satisfaction can be more dazzling, more tempting than withdrawing into inner silence, but our feeling of incompleteness was born by separating ourselves from that silence, and it’s there again that we need to return in order to be complete.

The silence is always there, like the canvas beneath a painting.  It doesn’t matter how intense or dark the image might be, the canvas is always there.  Nothing can do away with that silence, although we can lose sight of it if we allow our attention to be consumed by the world around us.

Be a creator.  That means taking your self-worth into your own hands, getting to know yourself deeply and recognizing that you are unique.  Only then will you stop worrying about the opinion of others, because you’ll be in charge of your own destiny.  It’s every human being’s responsibility to cultivate inner consciousness if we want to go beyond our differences and become one.

We think we’ll be happy when we arrive at the top of the mountain, but what do we find when we arrive at the summit?  Another peak, and this one even higher than the one before it.  Enjoy the view as you climb.  If you’re not present, you’re preparing yourself for disillusionment, because that which you seek doesn’t exist at the top of any mountain but at the bottom of your own heart.