“The important thing is what you are being”

I can tell you what your mission in life is: It is to be love, to give, to love yourself, and to give from that place of internal abundance. And it does not really matter how. It does not matter if you paint, it does not matter if you’re a gardener, it does not matter if you’re the cashier in the supermarket, it does not matter if you’re a mom, dad or an entrepreneur. Actually, it does not matter what you are doing, the important thing is what you are BEING.  If you are presented with an opportunity, just say “YES” and then, if in each situation you GIVE, what you are doing will remain in the background, because the important thing is not doing.

Index of contents

Bring happiness with you

If you bring happiness even to the most mundane situations (I want to clarify that you are already the happiness) you will enjoy absolutely everything, you will enjoy everything you do, everything you achieve, everything that happens, and all the people you interact with. You will enjoy yourself in every situation.

“It’s not about the outside, it’s about the inside”

And of course we all dream about the jobs we would like to have or what we want to dedicate our lives to: pursuing our dreams is good! But do not expect your dreams to make you feel fulfilled, if you are not already fulfilled inside of you. That is the trick !

I know this because I always did what I wanted and although I always did it well, because I am very stubborn, I still was not happy.

It’s not about the outside, it’s about the inside.

So, now breathe deeply. The time has come for you to respond: What is my true purpose in life?