All of our fears are illusory; they exist within us, and we are actually experiencing the outer world through our inner experience.  So what is fear really?  It’s LOVE, but in a very low vibrational form.

Fear is something that manifests within our body

Fear is a sensation that manifests within our body.  It’s the memory of an experience that has been stored there.  Events happen in our life where we feel frightened, judged, humiliated or even violated.

After a while, all of these experiences remain embedded in our body and they start to create a feeling of anxiety inside of us.  Then, when something happens on the outside – it can even be something silly, like a joke, or a song, or an overly insistent person – this fear gets triggered inside of us.

Fears are a delusion

All of our fears are illusory; they exist within us, and we are actually experiencing the outer world through our inner experience.  So what is fear really?  It’s LOVE, but in a very low vibrational form.

How facets act regarding fear?

The facets that I teach elevate this vibration until everything starts to vibrate in a higher frequency.  They anchor you in your heart, and you become very present within yourself.  As I always say, in order to heal you have to be at home, you have to be in your body, and you can’t heal yourself flying through the ethers.

Many spiritual searchers think that being spiritual means being out of the body, being exalted and having extraordinary experiences.  When these things happen, the moment you come back to your body, you realize that the fear is still there.

Pure consciousness

Pure consciousness is constant; it’s something very concrete and definite, a deep, underlying security.  This security underlies everything in such a way that when we let go of the fear, we start to experience unconditinoal love, and those memories that coloured our window of perception start to leave, allowing us to see reality, to truly see things as they are.

Fear is love

What is fear then?  It’s love.  It’s a very low vibration of love, and that’s all.  And that’s why we need to walk through it, why we need to expose it and feel it.  Nothing that I teach is intellectual; there’s no information or knowledge here.  The only thing of importance is what arises from within you, and it’s so simple: I raise my vibration, I remove my masks, I’m authentic, and I speak my truth.  I’m going to be like a child but with the experience of maturity.

And as a result, I start to love myself unconditionally, and then I start to appreciate absolutely everything.  If you’re experiencing separation, it’s because you have judgments, or the idea that something is wrong, and you have to heal that.  The moment you heal your judgment, you’ll be able to see the love.  Sometimes there is just so much love coming towards us, and we can’t see it because we have so many judgments, so many ideas and expectations in our heads creating a barrier to it.

Searching for love

As human beings, we reject love, and the irony is that the thing we desire most is love, but then we reject it because in reality we are looking for love where it isn’t.  “I want that love,” we think, but in that place there isn’t any love. Instead, the love is coming to us from somewhere else, and we think, “No, not that one, I don’t want or deserve that one; it’s too good for me.”

Is any of this conscious?  No, nothing about this is conscious, and in reality, no one even knows it’s happening.  It’s so robotic, so automatic, and we’re so unconscious of it that we don’t even realize it’s the case – until we start to find that experience internally and begin to see it reflected back to us.

Living in fear without realizing our potential, without experiencing our passion, without progressing, is a painful way to live.  Focus on consciousness, on loving yourself, on that space in your heart that says YES, and push yourself.

This is the most important thing:
that you give to yourself,
the best of everything,
because you deserve love;
you deserve to shine. 
And this is what I invite you to experience.