When I realized that I was not happy despite having achieved everything I set out to do, I stepped into a new space of vulnerability that helped me discover what I needed. I had to be very honest with myself and recognize that I was full of masked fear, and that if I was not happy it was simply because I did not love myself. I was always criticizing myself and seeing what was wrong with me.  I was my own worst enemy! I became vulnerable enough to feel. It is important to ask yourself what you feel, to close your eyes and allow yourself to connect with your heart, whether the answer comes or not.  At the start, there is a protective shell that prevents us from hearing our inner voice, and this needs to dissolve. But if you are patient you will achieve that internal connection, the most wonderful gift that we can ever have.

What are the steps for achieving profound change?

– Learn to connect with what we feel.

Instead of reacting defensively in every situation that arises or closing ourselves up in pain, we can look inwards and simply allow ourselves to feel. Just as we communicate with others by paying attention to our phone, WhatsApp or mail, we can begin to listen to our own inner voice by closing our eyes and focusing on our heart, which is a great transmitter of feelings. Once we place our attention there, we wait, and suddenly we connect with what we are feeling. And you will be surprised when you discover what you truly feel, it may be something you have never paid attention to. What an act of self-love this is!  Loving ourselves, instead of abandoning and compromising, no longer unconscious of what is happening to us, but being present and vibrating in acceptance of who we are.

– Now that we have learned to connect with our hearts, let us be vulnerable and honest about how we feel. This allows us to make choices based in love rather than fear, no longer controlled by “I should”.  This inevitably leads to emotional maturity and to creating the best for ourselves, and therefore, for everyone and everything in our environment.

–  Learn to always speak our truth, in a child-like manner. We have learned to lie and manipulate so we can receive approval from others. But it is essential to be vulnerable and focus on our own inner being, anchored in our heart.  Then, it becomes painful to act counter to what we feel, or to lie, because we realise that this is how we abandon ourselves.  It is very liberating to honor what we truly feel in each moment, and it gives other people the opportunity to be truthful as well. Despite what we might think, this will allow communication to flow, and relationships based on truth are deeper and more committed.

All these steps are simple, but they are important. As I always say: “life is simple, we humans are the ones who complicate it”, because we have separated from our essence, we have lost our inner connection. Now we are learning to reconnect so that everything aligns and flows and, consequently, we can act from that place.

Isha Judd is an Australian humanitarian spiritual teacher based in Latin America, author of “Love Has Wings” and “Why Walk When You Can Fly?”. Watch “Why Walk When You Can Fly?” on itunes. Her website is www.ishajudd.com. Watch her new documentary Can People Change? and more inspiring movies and videos at isha.tv

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Original article taken from: On Mogul