You may not have found what you feel you want or need, you may not be sure what is good for you or what satisfies your heart. There is nothing wrong in continuing to search, but don’t use it to beat yourself up, or to blame the outside. It is always ourselves who choose, nobody forces us to do anything. Even when you say: “they convinced me”, you made the decision yourself – perhaps out of curiosity or to try something different – you were the one who took the step in that direction. Even if for a moment you had the thought: “I’m going to see what this is about”. Even when you feel someone else convinces you, it is still your own responsibility. And as you took the step to move towards something, you can take the step to get away from it and change course. And this is where, actively or passively, you are responsible. If you don’t like something and you don’t say anything and you stay, then you made a choice. Passively, but you made a choice with your lack of action. The point is to take responsibility for everything. To choose to stay or leave, that which we like or do not like. Nobody forces anyone to do anything. It must be clear that with everything that happens, you should always point your finger back to yourself. And it’s not that something is wrong with anything because you do not like it. It’s just that you do not like it, and this is a clear signal that it’s not for you.


Some people enjoy the excitement of the search and the constant adrenaline rush of experiencing something new.  On the contrary, there are others who prefer the security and structure of what they already have, and they choose to stay. Many people stay to please someone else, and that is so compelling that they never stop to consider what they want themselves.


Everything is an experience: whether we stay or continue the journey, searching eternally or finding. Each one is a unique individual who makes his own choice. Maybe what you want is to find your inner truth, maybe your call is that of self-realization. Then you will face yourself, and if your search has a longing for truth, at some point you must look deeply. If you do not want to see, you can choose to change the spiritual tool as you change partners, always looking for something that satisfies you or that is as you want it to be. But at some point, you must look at yourself and take responsibility, because you must heal and expand your consciousness, at some point you must let go of the masks and surrender, surrender to that encounter with yourself.


Can you surrender? Can you choose this new year to give yourself in love to yourself? This requires a courageous heart. But of course, you can, and as we cultivate consciousness it becomes easier each time, and it becomes more natural. If I have more consciousness, then I can confront more fears. That is what guides you to listen to your heart, to be one hundred percent what your heart asks of you. This is what you can choose, because it is absolute trust: I give myself to my inner voice, where my inner compass directs me, I open myself to receive, to flow, I trust in my creation, and at every moment I focus on that and let it guide me.

Then, start this new year as a journey, an adventure that you enjoy, open to the new, and choosing where to go. Happy travelling in 2018 !!!!


Isha Judd is an Australian humanitarian spiritual teacher based in Latin America, author of “Love Has Wings” and “Why Walk When You Can Fly?”. Watch “Why Walk When You Can Fly?” on itunes. Her website is Watch more movies and inspiring videos at


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