The loss of innocence is one of the great tragedies of humanity. Children intuitively embrace creation and destruction as a natural part of life. We were all children once, open to the magic of the unknown that awaits us on every corner. As adults, most of us try to preserve the old at all costs, in a vain attempt to protect ourselves from uncertainty. Our perception of the world is so distorted by suffering that we are not able to see things in a new way or embrace the beauty of the present.

This loss of innocence continually disrupts the magic of our life. We perceive ourselves as fragile, vulnerable, full of defects and weaknesses, and we try to hide our fragility within a false illusion of control. During early childhood, we begin to adopt the fears and restrictions of those around us. We become limited, needy and dependent on the outside, and we learn the rules of manipulation that we must use to receive what we want. We learn which are the appropriate emotions and what responses we will receive when we show those emotions. In short, we learn what works and what does not work to get what we want.

As we grow, we continue with these behaviors at school. We learn when to lie and when to tell the truth, what we must hide, what to say, what is appropriate, what is courteous, what we should like, for whom we should vote … in short, we learn how to please others to get what we want. Or we go to the other extreme! We throw tantrums, we dye our hair purple, we become rebellious. If our parents are conservative, we become liberals. We drag home the most inappropriate boyfriends and girlfriends, that our family would not approve of, and we welcome everything that can cause scandal, opposing everything else. For what? To receive attention.

There is the “good” girl or “good” boy, and the rebel or wild child. No matter which of these identities we adopt, we are all clamoring for love and approval from the outside world.

The only thing that can fill the human heart is love-consciousness, and we have abandoned it. When we are anchored in that experience, we automatically find fulfilment. We discover an internal peace and bliss that never changes and is always present, always calling us back home. When we experience this inner fullness, we let go of our ideas about what we need to be happy. When we stop believing in what the intellect tells us about how things should look, we discover the magic of the unknown. And in that moment, we are standing in a room without walls, with our hearts open to receive the abundance of the universe. Finally, we have the most immense treasure of all: to be free from fear and perceive the innocent perfection in everything.

Isha Judd is an Australian humanitarian spiritual teacher based in Latin America, author of “Love Has Wings” and “Why Walk When You Can Fly?”. Watch “Why Walk When You Can Fly?” on itunes. Her website is Watch more movies and inspiring videos at

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Original article taken from Onmogul