We can change

The beauty of being a perfect creation of love is that we are always evolving. The beauty of this evolution is that we are able to change. We can choose who we want to be in each moment. Human beings have the ability to change and change is a choice.

Challenge life to enjoy it

Very often in life we go through a process before we make a big change, but once we decide to actually make the change, we then have the courage to walk through our fears.

It’s critical that we learn to change. We have to evolve and learn to challenge life so that we can enjoy it, so that we can discover more about ourselves, discover the beauty of giving, because once we discover our own greatness, we are will be able to go out and give that joy to others. As we let go of the old, of that which no longer serves us, we blossom into the new.

Make a list

I suggest you make a list of things you’d like to change. Give yourself the time and space to reflect deeply, rather than just thinking, “I’m going to the gym to lose weight”…
There’s nothing wrong with going to the gym of course, but let’s aim for something deeper: I’m going to confront my fears, I’m going to go out and give, I’m going to start saying YES instead of saying NO all the time, I’m going to start appreciating myself, appreciating myself and all the people around me instead of constantly criticizing myself and blaming the outside.

Make each moment important

Make a deep change. Really challenge your limitations and make each moment important. Trust yourself. And remember this: LOVE CREATES ME IN MY PERFECTION. You can’t make a mistake. It’s impossible, because you are the creation of love… love in evolution.

Share your change with others

 Change deeply, and once you have, go out and share that change with others. Giving this gift to others is one of the most important actions we can take because it allows others to discover the same freedom and enjoyment.