Last week we dedicated our attention to practicing a facet of the Isha Judd System, and we learned that it is a complete method for self-healing and for the expansion of consciousness.

We practiced thinking the facet; Praise love for this moment in its perfection, (Attention: deep in the heart) and we mentioned that it requires no effort. We think it with eyes closed for at least one hour a day, lying down or sitting comfortably, relaxed, without any special posture. We also think the facet with eyes open while doing our daily activities.

We mentioned that it helps us to be present in our daily lives, to overcome fears, to improve relationships, to have more clarity in our decisions, to experience a deeper level of rest: creating a transformation in the quality of our day to day life.

The mind is triggered by thoughts about the past or the future, but it is in the present moment that we find more clarity to create and solve difficulties. As we start doing this practice we anchor in the present moment where we encounter a sensation of inner peace and fulfillment, that sits in the background as a beautiful feeling.

You will also find that if you think the facet with your eyes open during monotonous, boring activities, such as waiting in a queue or in a traffic jam, it will keep you in a state of internal connection and you won´t get stressed.

Practicing the Present Moment Awareness exercise.

This exercise will allow you to observe what is happening around you instead of getting too involved and tense with things. It is practiced with eyes closed while thinking the facet, then you focus on yourself, observing what you perceive – your heartbeat, your thoughts if any, sounds etc. – interspersing the facet with these spaces of conscious observation. After five minutes you open your eyes keeping that internal connection and you continue being very present.

Do this exercise before starting your daily activities and then use the facet with your eyes open, this will help you sustain the experience throughout the day. You are choosing to embrace the perfection of the present moment, rather than habitual thoughts of the past and future.

Later on, to reinforce the practice of this exercise, if you feel stressed or lost in everyday emergencies; stop, close your eyes and go inwards with the facet as you connect with love-consciousness for a minute. When you feel more anchored within, you open your eyes, continuing your activities while thinking the facet and choosing that internal space all day as much as you can. This exercise will help you stabilize the experience of love-consciousness quicker in your daily life.

Today, we explored how to use the first facet in greater depth. Now, I will give you the second facet which focuses on gratitude. I invite you to incorporate it into your daily practice after the first one.

Thank love for my human experience in its perfection.

(Bringing the attention deeply into your heart).

You will use this facet in the same way that you use the first one.

Remember you can write to us or ask questions at and we will be by your side throughout this process.