With the speed at which events occur each day, we feel that time is too short, that it escapes us, that everything is accelerated and that we will not reach our destination. We are always running, hooked on a train that goes faster and faster, feeling that we are being left behind. And in this daily race we lose the present moment, we do not live it, we miss it completely.

Paradoxically, we can continue to go at that rate, if our attention is absolutely focused on each moment. When we were children we had this experience of living totally in the present moment, with simplicity and innocence, and we can create it again. Our intellect lives in the past or in the future, that is its function, since it is solving whatever this experience of duality presents to it. This causes a high level of stress which activates our adrenaline, as we fear repeating the past in the future. Thus, we constantly try to control everything around us, but in reality, we cannot control anything.

We can plan but not control the future. Often fear of what could go wrong stops us from loosening our rigid control so that we can make the necessary changes to our plan. So, what can we do? Nothing comes out as we planned, we do the same thing as always and we see that it doesn’t work. We have an idea of how to do it, because it is what we have always done, we apply it, and it does not work! Our minds can be blind to the reality of the situation, that things have changed. It is like trying to communicate now as we did before the internet was available.

It is not a question of saying no to what is happening, it is about opening ourselves to change. We can discover the power of the present moment, let go of the rigidity of the old ways and open ourselves to the situation as it is now. We can recreate ourselves in each moment according to what life presents to us. The madness is to always do the same thing and expect a different result. Today I propose to see, in each moment, how we can do it another way, with innocence and without expectations.

We live as if we are looking through a window that is dirty, tinted by our past experiences and we only see what our perception allows us see. At birth, that window was clean. Today we can clean it again. The perception of scarcity, for example, causes us to give life just a little, to be safe, and yet we wait for everything to come back to us. If we open more, if we give more, we can receive more. Thus, our perception is going to change, because life is about what you give and what you choose in each moment.

So, what you do is your choice and what you will receive is as well. If you give it all, you will get back more than your imagination can conceive. You will get everything; you will get paradise on earth. Why? Because you will not be a prisoner of fear anymore, because life supports you in your trust and surrender, because unconditional love in your heart guides you moment by moment. And so, you will not be able to create anything less than the best for yourself and those around you, and you will undoubtedly create happiness, peace and love in each moment.

Isha Judd is an Australian humanitarian spiritual teacher based in Latin America, author of “Love Has Wings” and “Why Walk When You Can Fly?”. Watch “Why Walk When You Can Fly?” on itunes. Her website is www.ishajudd.com. Watch more movies and inspiring videos at isha.tv

Article taken from:The Huffington Post