Are you a rigidly structured person? Do you feel trapped within your own ideas, as if you were in a box? If so, the big question is, are you ready to change?

Just becoming aware of this rigidity within yourself is a very good thing; until you are aware of something, you cannot make a conscious decision to change it. When you do realize what is going on, you can start to do the opposite: if your rigidity has reached the point of causing you high levels of stress, if the slightest deviation from your expectations of how things should look brings you great anxiety, it is time to start knocking down the walls of your opinions. This doesn’t have to be an uncomfortable process — ultimately it is incredibly freeing — so approach it in a lighthearted way; start opening the boxes of your mind with the excitement and wonder of a child on Christmas morning.

With the willingness to change, you can approach each box and start to discover what lies within. Maybe you will come across some old ideas that might have seemed very intelligent at the time but now no longer serve you. Or maybe you will unwrap some subconscious attachments that maybe it is time to let go of, as well.

Make no mistake when it comes to attachments: this is not abandonment; you are simply letting go of the fear you have projected onto the person or object in question. As a result, you are really only losing what limits you and keeps you from absolute fulfillment, permanent peace, unconditional love of self and of the world.

People with many boxes also have very beautiful aspects: they have a certain rigidity that allows them to be highly focused, so use that to focus on being free, to focus on practicing what does you good, use it to bring out the best of yourself. If you are a stubborn person, for example, use that quality to stubbornly choose for that which heals you, to love yourself. Be hard-headed, but love yourself! Use it in your favor.

As you continue opening your boxes and emptying them, you will find yourself living in one enormous box, big enough to contain the whole of totality. It is a “box” full of love, with no walls and no limits; when you make a commitment to healing yourself, this limitless no-box becomes your objective.