NOT everything goes as we want in our life. Sometimes we wake up in the morning hoping everything goes as planned, but things are not like that, life is not like that. And then we have to let go, and surrender.


Here you are, you are the boat, the anchor is your consciousness and sometimes you awake and the sea is all calm, the sun shining, and everything is divine. The next day you wake up and there is a storm, a drama, a problem at work, one of the children is sick or something occurs, the boyfriend abandons you, or whatever. What’s happens? The boat loses its balance, and begins to hit the rocks.


But who can change that? YOU. Because you have to make your consciousness the most important thing. If I am anchored in my consciousness, whatever happens has nothing to do with what I’m doing, but with my being. Humans suffer about everything. They are so attached to everything, entire nations go into depression because they lost a football game. It’s pathetic!


But that is the point: our happiness has to be much deeper than that, it has to be based on something permanent, not on attachment, not on being right, not on what is just or unjust, because each has a different opinion, each believes in something different, each votes for different parties, we all have different beliefs.


But we are not our beliefs, we are not our need to be right, we are much more than that. We are the unity that underlies all of that and it is incredible, because once you become consciousness, everything that used to be so important to you, is not. Winning, losing, is no longer important.


The only important thing is what you are being and the love you are giving, because that is who we are in truth and everything else is a belief system. We draw a little line on a map and go to war; display a different religious symbol and go to war; we have a different political belief and we turn to terrorism. It is important to see that this also happens in our daily life, in the dining room when the family fights, each one needing to be right, offending each other.


I remember when the Isha Center was in Colombia I took my mother to Cartagena de Indias. One of the heroes of our history books in Australia is Francis Drake, he was a hero to Queen Elizabeth. He did this, and that, he discovered the other, and then, when we visited a fort in Cartagena, my mother saw a plaque saying: “Here Sir Francis Drake, the notorious pirate, died.” She was indignant, she could not understand it. And I explained that this is so. At home he was a hero and here a rogue, that’s the way it is. It is always so. But we have to go beyond that and become global, global citizens internally and externally. The lines are illusory, they are a great illusion and they have to disappear internally.


The world is within you, it is not outside, it is inside and when you find that peace internally you are going to begin to perceive it externally as well.


“Winning, losing, is no longer important”


Isha Judd is an Australian humanitarian spiritual teacher based in Latin America, author of “Love Has Wings” and “Why Walk When You Can Fly?”. Watch “Why Walk When You Can Fly?” on itunes. Her website is Watch more movies and inspiring videos at


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Original article taken from Onmogul