In this post, we explore the true meaning of self-love and how to practice it unconditionally. Discover how to find yourself by nurturing your divine essence and leaving behind robotic habits. Learn to stop judging yourself and clear your window of perception to live a more genuine and fulfilling life. Through these steps, you will not only transform yourself but also offer purer and more authentic love to others.

What is self-love and how to practice it?
Often, we talk about self-love, but it can be difficult to truly understand what it means. Even if you feel that you love yourself, sometimes you might do things that someone with true self-love would not do.

Discover who you really are
The first step to loving yourself unconditionally is to find yourself. Often we believe that we are our mental programming, our body, or our physique, but that is just our human experience. It is essential to discover our divinity, that part of us that is permanent, eternal, and unchanging. This divinity is a powerful and peaceful energy that has the answers to everything and an absolute joy for life.

Nurture your true essence
Once you discover and begin to experience this divine energy, you start to choose those things that nurture this experience. One of the first things you will stop doing is abandoning yourself. We abandon ourselves to receive approval, to fit in, to gain power, among other reasons. But when we stop doing these things, we become more genuine, authentic, integral, and spontaneous. We begin to be ourselves, and that is true unconditional self-love.

Stop judging yourself
When we stop judging ourselves, we also stop judging others. Judgment naturally disappears, and we can offer unconditional love to others.

Break robotic habits
Sometimes, we continue doing things that we know harm us simply because we are programmed to do so. We are like robots, repeating the same actions over and over. We live in a repetitive trance, without being aware of the present moment. However, by starting to be aware and present, we can observe these habits and begin to change them.

Clear your window of perception
As we clear our window of perception, we stop identifying with the world of duality and human drama. This means we stop reacting automatically and mechanically to external stimuli. We begin to witness the dramas without being affected by them, recognizing that we used to be part of those patterns but that they no longer belong to us. By clearing our window, things stop affecting us, and we can release any negative reaction immediately.


Unconditional self-love is a continuous process of self-discovery and growth. It requires awareness, presence, and the courage to break old habits. By doing so, we not only transform ourselves but also offer purer and more genuine love to others.