In our society, vulnerability is often seen as a weakness, but in reality, it is one of our greatest strengths. Being vulnerable allows us to connect and communicate authentically, something essential for human relationships. From a young age, we learn to disconnect our emotions and to be strong in a way that alienates us. Phrases like “don’t cry,” “be a man,” “stop being angry,” “be more feminine” are common, but these ideas are far from our essential truth. We have learned that giving in is synonymous with giving up, and yet, it is surrender to the present moment, connected with internal feeling, and with the external, that creates a full life.

Sensitivity, emotion, and creativity are fundamental aspects of our humanity. When we learn to balance these elements, we find true strength. Real strength comes from being vulnerable. If we are not vulnerable among ourselves, we cannot communicate effectively. This generates problems not only in our personal relationships but also globally. The inability to communicate, to discuss openly, to be real and vulnerable, is one of the main causes of conflict.

As we share this with you, INSIDE OUT 2 is becoming a success in cinemas worldwide, a compendium of emotions and understanding in which children and adults learn to embrace feeling, and discover what it is to vibrate as one. It is a very special moment where the insight of children shakes the understanding of mothers and fathers, of adults in general. A welcome moment. I remember when we started talking about this in the early 2000s, about feeling emotions, learning to move the stress that prevents us from connecting with love and flowing in the vibration of love! And today, in 2024, these lessons are depicted so lovingly from the hearts of Pixar in cinemas! There can be no doubt about the level of expansion and elevation of the consciousness of love in all humanity.

Imagine people harming each other. Is this normal behavior for a sensitive human being? No, it requires a lot of control, disconnection, and internal violence. We have been taught to reject our vulnerability, one of our most important aspects. This is part of what is wrong in our social structure. We are not taught to be happy or emotional, to connect or to trust ourselves.

Vulnerability is not weakness; it is exactly the opposite. It requires a lot of power to expose oneself. One of the great concerns of human beings is to protect their image and what others think of them. Vulnerability may seem contrary to this, but in reality, everyone can see everything. To be vulnerable is to be genuine, and a genuine person is the most precious thing there is. And the Isha Judd system through the practice of facets, aligns us with this energy that vibrates at the highest frequency.