We have learned to analyze everything. From our thoughts and emotions to our actions and decisions, the intellect scrutinizes with meticulous and often obsessive repetition, circling endlessly around the circumstances in which we find ourselves. But this constant analysis, when it becomes a compulsive habit, only serves as a distraction, drawing our attention away from the joy that is present in each moment.


The heart sees beyond the comparisons and judgments of the mind. It can embrace everything in its perfection, exactly as it is. Such a level of acceptance is difficult for the intellect to grasp, because it transcends logical thinking. Perceiving from love-consciousness is the opposite to perception from the intellect. The intellect perceives duality, while love perceives unity. The intellect perceives good and bad, right and wrong, while love accepts and embraces everything. The mind will always try to analyze, understand and evaluate each situation, because it desperately needs to keep itself entertained.


Am I doing it right?  Other people are better than me.  Nobody notices my effort. These are only the games of the mind. Do not get stuck in this type of thought, because the moment you do, they become an attachment. If you simply watch them go by, without taking them seriously, they will not cause you any suffering.


We are very attached to our thoughts. We think that we are our thoughts, but we are not. We think that our thoughts are real, but if you look at them, you will see how contradictory they are. Our thoughts are always changing. The mind dances incessantly from one side to the other, going one way, then the opposite. There is no stability in our thoughts. Freedom comes when you learn only to watch them go by. When your inner experience begins to grow, you start to see yourself more clearly and become aware of your limiting beliefs.


You start to be aware: Ah! I fall into this trap again and again. But it is not about calculating or understanding. If you must understand something, this will be very clear to you. The key is to feel and be innocent. Do not analyse. This is what we try to do: we try to take unity and understand it within the confines of duality; but that is impossible. The faster you let go of the need to understand and open yourself to receive your true essence, the quicker you will find the answers, because they will come from your heart, they will come from your essence, they will come from within you. We are always growing; we are always moving forward, although you cannot see it. Even if you think you are worse than ever in your life, you are always moving toward greater awareness. Sometimes it will seem that the situations or habits in your life get worse, but the only thing that is happening is that your universe is opening your eyes to a place where you can get rid of your attachments and be more complete and free.