The dance of life

Each and every one of us has wake up calls in our lives that shake us to the core. These make us wake up – they make us see something fundamental that we could not see before, giving us the opportunity to make a great leap forward.

Look at your life in retrospect and identify the moments in which these powerful calls to awakening have occurred. What did you learn from them? How did they help you grow as a person? Did you know how to appreciate them at the time as opportunities for personal evolution? Perhaps the moment has come to give thanks for them and for the great insights that they provoked.

We are so accustomed to experiencing events as something that “happen to us” and then feeling victimized, when in reality life presents us with the opportunity to change this perspective.  We  can make the choice to use these events to grow, rather than reacting as automatons that respond to our programs without questioning.

The dance of life

In life we have two options: we can choose love or we can choose fear. We can choose to open or to close, to trust or to doubt. We can choose between showing ourselves as we are or hiding from the eyes of the world. We can blame others for our limitations or take responsibility for internal change.

When we encourage ourselves to evolve, that is, to change permanently, we can take absolute responsibility for ourselves. Life is continuously changing in the world of nature, and within us. We see this in the continuous turning of a planet flying through the universe, in the breath that brings oxygen to purify our blood, and in the constant pumping of a heart that never stops its dance of life.  All of this happens while we busily live our lives with minds immersed in worries, often missing the opportunity to enjoy this incredible life.

When we want to change and begin to take the necessary steps, we start an inner revolution that allows the external evolutionary process to be fluid, joyful, full of self-realization and bliss. Finally, we start to flow with life itself.Finally, we begin to travel on the wings of love-consciousness, flying through the skies of perpetual peace where the wonder and beauty of creation never cease. Finally, we can begin to say we are living.

Of course, there is an enemy we often overlook in this process of permanent change: attachment to everything, which gives us an illusory sense of security, something to hold on to. The fear of change, such as the fear of death, is deeply and unconsciously etched into our personality.

I can tell you that beyond your thoughts, there, Above the Clouds, where the sun of your consciousness is always shining, it is possible to embrace your being as totally unlimited in your human experience. Then, the traveller begins his flight beyond the clouds of his limited perception of life.  Be happy, and know that I am here to accompany you on your journey.

PS:  Why is it so hard to just flow with life? 

Do you find it difficult to flow? If so, let me know why, I would be delighted to support you.

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