I first experienced my call to wake up when, thanks to the head of my school, I glimpsed the true meaning of the word “responsibility.” We have all been called to awaken in our lives: these are moments in which we realize that there is something more, that we can live in a different way, a way that will be more fulfilling. We tend to ignore these signs, but opportunity keeps knocking on the door, until we open it.

These signs can reach us in the form of an epiphany, or through the words of another, even words that we have heard a thousand times without understanding them. Sometimes these calls come in the form of a tragedy: a loss that makes us wonder who we are, what we live for and where we are heading. At the time, these calls may seem terribly harsh, but eventually they lead us to a greater maturity, to increased compassion and wisdom and to know ourselves better.

My call to wake up began with the message of the school principal, then became an inner voice that guided me from the depths of my being, and culminated in such a profound transformation, that I now live a more beautiful life than I ever thought possible, a more beautiful life than I felt I could ever be worthy of, and I barely manage to recognize the person I once was.

What were your calls to wake up in life? Perhaps the time has come to give thanks for them and for the great wisdom that came with them.

Look at your life and identify the moments in which you received the great calls to awakening. What did you learn from them? How did they help you grow as a person? Did you appreciate them at the time?

Ask a friend or your partner about their wake-up calls. Share yours with them and see how sharing something so intimate helps them open up, and provides a greater perspective on the journey of life.

Isha Judd is an Australian humanitarian spiritual teacher based in Latin America, author of “Love Has Wings” and “Why Walk When You Can Fly?”. Watch “Why Walk When You Can Fly?” on itunes. Her website is www.ishajudd.com. Watch more movies and inspiring videos at isha.tv

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The call to wake up