The experience of perfection is an experience of pure consciousness. Consciousness knows about perfection, knows that this life is an illusion of duality.

For the intellect, within the human experience, nothing is perfect, from there it is impossible to perceive perfection, because within the human experience we have a long list of what is right and another long list of what is wrong, but everything that you see is your projection.

When you clean the window through which you perceive life, you can begin to see perfection in everything. As you let go of internal judgments, external judgments also go away. It is not something that you can think or calculate, it is a process. It simply is, it is unity. It is not an idea, it is not a concept that I deduced through my intellect as if I were a mathematician. I did not think: “this, and this, and this, is equal to perfection”. No, it is my experience through unity as it begins to unfold.

The issue is that we have no idea of how we are, we have only one concept of ourselves. If I ask someone to describe themselves, the first thing they will do is tell me what they “do”: “I do this, and then I am this”. But in reality we have no idea who we are.

Then, when we begin to be more present and expand our consciousness, we begin to have revelations: we begin to know, to see clearly. “Oh, I do that! I hate people who do that. “

“Ah, I’m like that! How loving that is, I did not realize that I’m that way too. “

As we evolve we will continue to see things: what works for me, what brings me joy and happiness, as well as the things that lead me away from experiencing peace, etc. Then I’m going to start letting go the things that made me suffer.

As you begin to enter a process of growth and expansion of your consciousness, you begin to have realizations that are aspects of unity: the judgments begin to dissolve, you begin to perceive life differently.  As you remove your stress, things stop bothering you like they did before.

 And at some point you will experience a lot of love and compassion within each situation. And that is you, perceiving perfection. It is not tolerance, it comes from the heart, from compassion, and it is natural. The heart has to be the teacher, and the consciousness will begin to witness the mind.

 So, who do you want to be guided by? By your divinity, your pure essence, by the absolute? Or by everything that happened earlier in your life? And at some point, you can choose: “Ah, this brings me to suffering, it does not work” “This other serves”.

 Because when we are full of stress, limitations, ego, pain, drama, depression and all those things that have happened to us, they are like the puppeteer, and we do not want that, we want to surrender to the moment, to know who we are, to trust in our experience, flow with life without fear of the past or the future.Our consciousness is our pure essence, it is the heart, it is our divinity.

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