We have the idea that in daily life which is so full of activity we cannot live in peace, as if peace had to do with the world and with the external. Well, it’s not like that. I am very active, facing challenges and tasks just like everyone else. But I do it without getting lost in the external chaos by acting with an internal anchor. I act from that internal experience, from my consciousness, which allows me to always be in the present moment, without judgments, flowing with what is.

Inner peace does not waiver. We can feel anger and remain internally anchored in peace. There can be sadness and peace. When we cultivate it, peace never leaves. It is eternal, it is permanent.

Human experience is like waves on the surface of the sea, but consciousness is like the depth of the ocean. The human experience happens on the surface, while peace is in the depth. That is consciousness. We fight to achieve peace. We do it in relationships, in the family, in society, and countries do it with each other. But what would happen if we began to develop and deepen the inner experience of peace within us? We can start by taking some simple steps:

– Focus on Joy. The first thing we must do is focus on joy: the beauty, innocence, praise, love and gratitude present in each moment. Is it not time that we experienced a little more of that? How is joy expressed? The most wonderful thing is that it does not have a fixed format. It is like a mountain spring: its effervescent bubbling up eternally from the depth. It’s constant spontaneity nourishing, refreshing and flowing. Bliss does not seek what is wrong, does not criticize the external looking for a culprit. If it did, its waters would soon stagnate, fade and become lifeless. Bliss is open to love and to being love. It does not have a preconceived idea of what love should be and to whom it should be given. Become that joy. Then share it with humanity.

– Stay Present. Bliss lives in the present moment, so stop wandering into the past and the future. They have had enough of your time already. It’s time to give the here and now – the present, where life is happening – a little of the attention it deserves.

– Lighten Up and Be Playful. One of the saddest aspects of modern society is that we take things too seriously. We feel compelled to comply with all the “shoulds,” with what we believe the world expects of us. Self-control and self-criticism have become our way of life and exhaust our ability to play and enjoy free expression. We must learn to flow again from the heart: to allow ourselves to look ridiculous, to dance freely, to stop and remind ourselves that life is about laughter and joy. Try it out. Maybe you will like it.

Taken from: Mogul