Natural disasters

We can be great in the face of devastation.

We live in a world of constant change. Natural disasters are an intense reminder of the unpredictability of our environment. A catastrophe that affected me and touched me very closely was the 2010 earthquake in Chile. The lives of many of my friends and students were affected by it. When faced with a catastrophe, a deep sense of vulnerability leaves us exposed and without answers. Impressed by the horror of the images appearing in the media, we are reminded again and again how transient everything is in life, and the futility of material gain, which provides only an illusion of security that can disappear at any moment. It reminds us that we cannot control even the fundamentals in our lives: the ground beneath our feet. The feeling of fragility is extreme.

Natural disasters

The only real thing is love.
In these situations, in which many suffer devastation, we often hear stories about the blossoming of countless anonymous heroes. Moved by love, they give endlessly to the point of risking their own safety. They are the heroes who, beyond gender, class, or creed, take to the streets to give.

“Within all of us there is an immutable place of peace and love.”

Mobilized by the force of love, they simply share; comforting and embracing the wounded, those in panic, and the afflicted. In moments like these, the only real thing is the love that unites us in an action without limits, our disputes and conflicts forgotten by a sacred moment. They are moments in which we are simply united in love. Through these altruistic actions we can see how the consciousness of humanity is increasing, in response to these extreme situations. And we can see how love prevails over pain and fear.

Love prevails.

Although we are afraid, and cannot understand, we can find comfort in remembering that within every one of us there is an immutable place of peace and love, permanently accessible. When the external becomes very unstable, if our attention is directed inwards, we can recognize that our differences do not matter, that within each of us vibrates a YES to life. Even if we feel lost, we can put our attention in our heart, feel it beating, feel its warmth: within it you can discover love consciousness. This love is inexhaustible, without limits, and the more it gives, the more it has to share.

It is time to transform ourselves through the actions of love. From this place, we will realize that everything that happens is for our evolution. Let us be ready for all of what life brings us. Let us learn to see through the illusion of control, to realize that life, in reality, has no guarantees, and to embrace the unpredictable nature of existence, instead of trying in vain to twist the indomitable power of the world. Let us learn to dance in the face of devastation, and take every opportunity life offers to grow, to give, to share the love, and to build a united world.

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