Your reality is perfect, and as you clean your window of perception, you will be able to see it. As you become more loving, the mirror reflects that love back to you. As you let go of your judgments, the mirror reflects that. Everything is a reflection. You are the world and when you change, the world changes, no matter where you are.

People always complain about the same thing, everywhere in the world: there is not enough love, no time, no money, no resources, no security, no youth, no work. Wherever one goes, everyone says the same thing. And it is because we are focused on lack.

What is missing, what do we not have, what do we need? It is always something in some past or future moment. Rather than just saying; “Oh God, thank you for all the fantastic things!”, we say “thank you God for this and that, BUT give me …” as if he were Santa Claus. Because we never actually see what we have.

We must appreciate what we have, love it, feel gratitude and give praise. And the moment we begin to do that, everything begins to double, and then to quadruple, and then it goes beyond your imagination, simply by focusing on praise, love and gratitude. Because everything, everything, begins with you: when you give from the heart, everything comes abundantly, but it depends on you. There is always a step of faith to be taken, and as a consequence, everything comes.

Knowing oneself is the only territory that has not been discovered, and there is no map. You have no idea of ​​your potential, or how much you are being controlled by your limitations. And when they begin to be erased, unlimited possibilities appear. When fear falls away, everything opens and life becomes a great mystery. Life is a great mystery. I had an idea about who I was and I thought it was so. But when I started to connect deeply I began to see so many things, incredible things that I did not appreciate. I had a lot of talents but none of them were good enough for me. Nothing. I had such a poor opinion of myself! During my journey of growth, I began to see what I believed in every moment, and it was as if the veil fell from my eyes. I could not believe it: firstly, everything I had to give; secondly, how unlimited it was and thirdly, how much I needed to love myself. In reality, I was always begging for love, playing at being less, so that everyone would feel comfortable with me, trying to fit in. Once you begin to discover that, you find inner peace, the joy and abundance that transforms the simplest things into beautiful ones, things that one passed without notice. Now you can see everything and there is magic happening all the time. You stop constantly comparing, you can see beauty in everything, see everything as unique, beautiful and perfect. And all of this comes only from your inner change. Once you find your own perfection, the only thing you are going to see is perfection, and it is something very tangible for everyone. Discover yourself, love that, and then open yourself to say YES to everything else.

Isha Judd is an Australian humanitarian spiritual teacher based in Latin America, author of “Love Has Wings” and “Why Walk When You Can Fly?”. Watch “Why Walk When You Can Fly?” on itunes. Her website is Watch more movies and inspiring videos at

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