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November 7, 2016

The Latin America-based spiritual leader and the founder of Isha Foundation Educating for Peace was in India last week.

The creator of a system for self knowledge and expansion of consciousness called Meditative Education has devised several programs for children, politicians and entrepreneurs across the world since the age of 28.

Her conferences based on what she calls ‘love-consciousness’ are famous amongst many and her centres promoting her ideas in Uruguay and Mexico also attract mass crowd.

Judd, who has her roots from Australia, has also authored three books including the most famous ‘Why Walk When You Can Fly?’ aimed at helping readers find peace and self-acceptance.

In a conversation with Entrepreneur India, Judd spoke of top ten things entrepreneurs must learn from spirituality that would inch their path closer to success.

 Learn To Connect Deeply

Judd says entrepreneurs must learn to unplug. “They have to learn to connect deeply inside and to cultivate an experience of peace and consciousness,” says Judd.

According to Judd, it is very important for entrepreneurs to link off the idea that stress means success.

“I used to have that idea; I used to think if I am running like a maniac, if I am multi-tasking then I am being successful and I am achieving.”

But when we have an internal place of peace, we can network much better, we can communicate more clearly, we can listen to people. These she categorizes as elements that are absolutely important aspects of business.

Learn To Go Home Without Stress

To appreciate that our well being is an important aspect of our success so that we can enjoy our achievements is such an important thing says Judd.

We home without stress and we are not projecting it in the family and creating more problems is a real achievement in her opinion.

Feel Empowered

It’s important to feel empowered, not to be constantly competing and to empower others according to Judd.

“Often we have this idea that we need to hide things or separate things, but once we start giving, incorporating and trusting more, we start to create on a different level. When we start working as a unit, not just within our own group, we start creating on a much bigger scale. It’s important we incorporate everything and everyone. We can’t be separatists, we have to be bigger than that.”

Be Giving

If I am being a conscious person, I am always giving, says Judd.

Entrepreneur could be giving to their employees, to the people around them, to the people they meet like air hostesses as they travel or clients they meet for business.

“I can be constantly in a place of giving and that would make me feel good about myself,”

 Feel Good About Yourself

Success and money and position isn’t the complete answer to happiness according to Judd.

“If I don’t feel good about myself as a person, if I am not integral, or truthful, I am not going to enjoy everything that I have either. Because ultimately, who do I have to answer to. When I go home, and look myself in the mirror, I have to answer to myself.”

It is paramount for entrepreneurs to feel good about themselves.

Be Compassionate

Judd says it is crucial for entrepreneurs to be compassionate to be successful and to not judge themselves or their success.

“It’s important to enjoy what we create and to give that enjoyment to everyone.”

Feel Complete Internally

You have to realize that if you are just constantly attaining externally, you are never going to feel complete.

You can attain externally and enjoy it, but often whatever we attain we don’t receive because we are always looking for the next step says Judd.

“I need more, I need more, I need more. If you have this attitude, you don’t need more externally, you need more internally.”

Find The Right Balance

Often you have everything, but you don’t appreciate it because you are internally empty. So, it is about finding the right balance.

Don’t Be Attached To an Outcome

I think one of the most important things is not to be attached with an outcome but be enjoying the journey says Judd.

It is important to realize especially as a young entrepreneur that you are learning, you are evolving, you are having different life experiences and they are all positive and are stepping stones for more greatness.

“But if you have stop being so attached to an idea because often you are focused in one direction and then there is a golden door out there at the left but because you are so rigidly attached to what you think you want, you are missing a great opportunity.”

Be Anchored

Judd says spirituality plays a big role in anchoring you as an entrepreneur.

Spirituality helps you be anchored and be in the very present. You become like a lucky cat who pounces on a great opportunity without much trouble.