The last weekend of Chile’s summer vacations has become a time of mourning for some and gratitude for others.

Spending time with the Chileans who are stranded in my centre here in Uruguay, I have become aware that everyone is affected, those close to their loved ones and those who are abroad, sitting in faraway airports still unable to travel after hours or even days of broken communication. It touches us all, including those of us who are not even there, an entire country with the phone off the hook for long, long hours.

A profound sense of vulnerability leaves us feeling exposed and at a loss for answers. Shocked by the horror of the explicit images in the media, we are reminded once again of how transitory everything is in life, of the futility of the race for material gain, which provides only an illusion of security, a security that can disappear in a moment. It reminds us that we cannot control even the most significant and fundamental thing in our lives: the ground beneath our feet. We are enveloped in the most extreme feeling of fragility.

In these situations, where so many suffer from disaster and devastation, we hear of the blossoming of countless anonymous heroes, heroes moved by love into ceaseless giving, even to the point of risking their own safety.

This post is dedicated to those exceptional human beings, who beyond gender, class or creed, go out to the streets and give.

Moved by the force of love expressed in their solidarity, they simply share, consoling the lost and wounded, embracing the panicked and the bereaved.

In moments like these, the only thing that is real is that love, uniting us in limitless action, our past disputes and conflicts forgotten for a holy instant. In this moment we simply are … united in that love.

It is consciousness acting in this tireless giving and sharing, and in these actions we see how the consciousness of humanity is rising, with support arriving ever faster in response to these extreme situations. We see how love prevails over pain and fear; always present, with a myriad faces and expressions, but in essence, always love.

Nothing will comfort the mind in these moments, but the most important thing is not to lose sight of the love, and to unite in that feeling of presence, strength and unity. Although we cannot understand, and although we feel afraid, just knowing that within us all lies an unchanging place of peace, holds us safe in the knowledge that the love will never leave.

When the outside becomes so unstable, if our focus turns inwards we will encounter that which we instinctively know is always there. I call it love-consciousness; you might call it spirit, energy, universal love, or even God. There, where our differences do not matter, where the only thing that is real is that which vibrates within each of us, expressing itself as a yes to life, a yes to moving forward, a yes to going beyond that which has fallen away.

Even if we don’t understand, even if we feel lost, we can all bring our attention into our hearts. Feel its beat, feel its warmth: within it you can discover love-consciousness. It is inexhaustible, unlimited; the more it gives, the more it has to share. This is the time; this is the shared embrace.

It’s time for us all to transform ourselves, through the actions of love.