We were all born to fly, to realize our incredible potential as human beings. But instead of doing that, we cling to fear. The possibilities are endless, but we settle for the familiar, the comfortable, the banal. And so our lives are mediocre instead of being exciting and full.

What I call love-consciousness is unconditional love within all beings, an experience that expands when we immerse ourselves deep within ourselves. It is not an ethereal experience but something very concrete and natural. Maybe you already experienced it while sharing with a baby, expressing your creativity, watching a sunset or meditating.

The unconscious mind is inventing fears and doubts that keep us limited, but instead of analyzing those self-destructive patterns, we can focus on love. Then everything that comes from fear will begin to fade away. Love and happiness are simple, and come from innocence, which is the ability to be fully present. Innocence is one of the cornerstones of the System that I teach. Children are a perfect example of innocence: they are not complex, they are not planning the future nor repenting  the past, they are only here in the present, enjoying life.

Remember when you were a kid? You were happy for no reason, you found magic in everything. Life was a joy. You thought you were perfect, and you were right. If you were happy you laughed, if you were sad, you cried, if you were angry you kicked and screamed and then you were happy again. You can transform yourself into that child once more, embrace that simplicity and spontaneity, let go of the questions, the control and the opinions of the intellect. You can rekindle the lost innocence of childhood while preserving the maturity and responsibility of an adult, and discover a deep and enduring peace.

The window of our mind becomes dirty when the subconscious is filled with opinions based on self-criticism and fear, hence ceaseless and erratic thoughts are our constant companions. Our minds are in perpetual chaos and contradiction, we jump from one distraction to another. Incessant thinking affects our nervous system and we rarely dwell in the present moment, which is where we find peace.

Our thoughts have a vibration, just as any sound has. When they are erratic and conflicting, they create a dissonant vibration in the body. When they are harmonious and creative, the vibration of unity is generated.

We have to let go of the illusion that happiness is in a future moment: “when I achieve, when I change,” I will be happy. I have to choose to be happy now. Because there is really no other time when you are going to be happier, there is no other time when more happiness will come, because in truth, it is a choice that you are making in every moment and has nothing to do with the outside.

Isha Judd is an Australian humanitarian spiritual teacher based in Latin America, author of “Love Has Wings” and “Why Walk When You Can Fly?”. Watch “Why Walk When You Can Fly?” on itunes. Her website is www.ishajudd.com. Watch more movies and inspiring videos at isha.tv

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