I was invited to offer a social service seminar for about three hundred people with disabilities in Montevideo, Uruguay. The event had official support and received sponsorship from a few bus companies that brought people from all over the country.

Some participants came in wheelchairs, some had Down Syndrome or autism, some were blind, and others deaf. It was an honor to be able to share the Isha System with this group of people, because they greatly appreciated being at the seminar and learning the system. One of the participants was born without arms or legs. For most of us this would mean a tremendous disadvantage. But was this woman limited by her disability? No. She had just obtained her law degree and was very excited because she was soon going into practice. The happy presence of this woman moved me deeply. She radiated a happiness that is rare in the world. Her heart was focused on the beauty of each moment and she radiated great joy. I asked her, “Do you know that you’re perfect exactly as you are?” She looked at me with a smile wide enough to fill the entire auditorium. “Yes, Isha, I know that I am perfect exactly as I am,” she replied. My eyes filled with tears. When we see life through the lens of love-consciousness, there is perfection in everything. Being among people who experienced this perfection despite their disabilities was an inspiring experience. It was so clear to me that there was nothing wrong with any of them! In what most people would classify as a striking imperfection, there was in fact a wonderful perfection

The way we perceive the world around us is a reflection of our inner being; the external mirrors the internal. When you feel full of love, your world reflects that love. Your partner, your friends and your activities mirror the love. But if you feel empty inside, nothing outside will be able to satisfy you.

Perfection is to see with the eyes of the heart, with an irrepressible and unconditional love, no matter how the external circumstances are. When people perceive in this way, their whole life becomes a beautiful experience. This is because fullness, peace, happiness and love have nothing to do with our physical circumstances. They are internal states we can enter, they are not goals to be achieved.

What we focus on, grows. When we focus on love, we become more love. When we focus on fear, we become more fearful. Similarly, if we focus on our limitations, we become more limited, and when we perceive things as “bad”, they will never seem right to us.

Perfection has nothing to do with moralistic ideas. To be perfect, we are only required to accept ourselves at this time. There are no preconditions for us to feel fully accepted; we embrace ourselves as we are. We love each other as we are.

Interview with Huffington Post