We are addicted to suffering, and it happens automatically. We suffer as if it were a sentence given to us as a deserved punishment. But in reality we can change this robotic response to life and enjoy the absolute joy of living. It’s as simple as that.

Most human beings are unhappy, and one of their favourite entertainments is to complain and blame someone else for what happens to them. This happens in all areas of life, because no matter what you do or have, it is who you are that will determine your experience at all times.

And who you are, has to do with the internal. People constantly complain and wherever one goes in the world, even in those countries where everything seems to work perfectly, they will always find something that is wrong. Why? Because our perception is “I don’t have”, “I need that”, “It’s not enough”, “He should have done something else”, “She should have behaved differently”, “I don’t like what she said”, “What my boyfriend didn’t do”, etc. It is the approach and the belief that “there is always something missing”, and then it is impossible to fully enjoy anything.

This is a constant attitude, and if my focus is on criticism, on what is wrong, my perception will be based on that. And then I cannot see the beautiful things that happen. I cannot appreciate the small and wonderful things that unfold in each moment around me, the miracle and magnificence of life itself that transpires in me and in my surroundings.

No one taught us to appreciate, to be grateful, or to focus on the one thing that unites us all, which is love. We operate in automatic, almost robotic ways, repeating learned and recorded responses in certain situations. This occurs automatically, without us being aware of it.

Let’s make a change: let’s start focusing on practices that lead to love and that will allow our blissful nature to grow. How do we do this? With the constant practice of appreciation and gratitude, instead of the mediocre sonority of criticism and complaint. I will not focus on seeing only what is missing or obsessively verbalizing all the damage and limitation that others cause me. In this human experience of duality there will always be something that is wrong, or that is missing, or that is not what one wishes for. And so it is, until one becomes so much, but so much love, that all he can see is the very perfection of all that is. Of course, then the mind says: but that is not reality!

Well actually, it is the truth! And it will be your experience when you are filled with love, because love perceives only unity within duality, and thus chooses to grow in the highest vibration, always pushing towards change. Do not allow yourself to be a passive and indifferent robot to the things that happen to you. Then you will see that you can take care of everything with great depth and presence, without suffering for what you perceive as unfair, but elevating it and contributing to the beauty of that state of bliss. That is the power of love.