Discover how the Expansion of Consciousness can transform your life. Learn how to use the practice of the Isha System to expand your consciousness, Be Consciousness in Action, and live free from fear. Find true confidence in yourself.

In our daily lives, we face an internal duality that prevents us from feeling secure. This duality comes from the mind, which, in its interaction with the external world, constantly seeks validation and fears rejection. The lack of self-confidence is a constant struggle, but by focusing more on expanding our consciousness using the facets that the Isha System teaches us, we can overcome this obstacle and find true inner confidence.

When we cultivate internal awareness and observation by focusing on what we feel while thinking the facets, and by removing the denser energy stored internally, we begin to trust our intuition and increase internal clarity. This trust becomes a powerful force that guides our decisions and actions. However, this is an internal process and requires practice, learning to remove the denser energy, gradually developing the art of focusing on the present moment, and witnessing.

Learning to stop identifying with the constantly changing illusory, and expanding contact with the depth of being, gradually sustains the experience of unity and unconditional love with oneself and, consequently, with everything.

I remember that I used to live in constant internal doubt. Despite having success in my life, there was always a small voice that made me question my actions and words. I feared having said something incorrect or having made a mistake. Other people’s opinions deeply affected me, and I lived in a state of constant worry and fear.

This type of life is unsustainable and exhausting. To free ourselves from these chains, we must silence that internal voice of doubt and allow the voice of security, intuition, and creativity to take control. This internal voice is clear and powerful, and it guides us towards a life of true freedom.

The transition to this new way of living is not easy, but it is possible. It requires practice and dedication. Start by using the facets that the Isha System teaches and let your thoughts and emotions pass, learning to express and release what does not serve you. Learn to observe, and if you react to others’ opinions, for example, think the facet, and you will feel your internal confidence strengthen.

Remember that true change comes from within. By expanding your consciousness and trusting yourself, you will be able to live a fuller life free from fear. The voice of security and intuition will always be there to guide you, and by listening to it, you will find the clarity and strength you need to face any challenge.

In summary, we will use the duality of the mind not to fight it as if it were the enemy nor submit to it as if it were our master, but to cultivate the expansion of consciousness, resulting in the growth of internal confidence, inner peace, bliss, and silence in the depth of being. This internal focus will result in the development of your intuition, allowing you to live a life of true freedom and fulfillment, with yourself and the world.