When you ask the question “how can I value myself more?” and begin to look for a way to change, you are already beginning to value yourself. The mere fact of focusing on yourself, listening to yourself, and becoming aware, is the first step that leads to change.

And when you love yourself you absolutely do not compare yourself or ask: do you love me or him more? No, these questions do not even cross your mind, because you have so much internal love for yourself that you do not think about it, You only give that abundance, that love, because you know that you are in permanent contact with the source, and you know your own greatness.

So this is what you have to focus on: loving yourself always, and you will see that in this way you become the source of love. Love is an energy that only seeks to share and give love in whatever form, and by doing so you value yourself even more. Before changing something external or focusing on more of this or more of that, the love has to be internally within you.

I know we were all taught that this is being selfish, but it is not. I cannot love you if I don’t love myself, it’s a matter of common sense. I cannot support you in your greatness if I do not know my own, I cannot teach you to swim if I don’t know how, because then we just drown together.

In order to give love, I have to be love. First I choose myself, I choose consciousness and healing. I transform myself into love, and then I can hold everything, everything, abundantly. But when we are constantly trying to take from the outside we get lost, we do not even have ourselves, and we need someone else to take care of us: “Who will support me, if I cannot do it? Oh, you have to support me, you have to tell me that I’m worthy, you have to tell me that you love me, then I can feel safe. ” That is to take.

To love oneself is to give. I invite you to change the perception.

Loving yourself is not being selfish, it’s the opposite: it transforms you into a channel of love, and then you can give without limits. It becomes a way of being, and you never tire of giving, it is endless. And so we dissolve that sense of lack from our reality,  and let go our dependence on the outside to satisfy us with what we need.

Remember that what you focus on is what gains power, what grows and what you create at each step. So try to change your focus when you have to face a situation, because if you want a different result, you will have to do something completely different.  What would that be? Instead of focusing on your fears, on your insecurities, and what they show you, take the first step with a “YES” to the opportunity that is being presented to you. Do it so you can grow, and experiment, so you can value your change and your evolution.

I encourage you to reverse the idea that you have of yourself and you will receive feedback from the outside that will demonstrate your change. You will see that by valuing yourself you will also have a new experience of being valued by others. Your universe always reflects what you are experiencing, so prepare to receive it.

Isha Judd is an Australian humanitarian spiritual teacher based in Latin America, author of “Love Has Wings” and “Why Walk When You Can Fly?”. Watch “Why Walk When You Can Fly?” on itunes. Her website is www.ishajudd.com. Watch more movies and inspiring videos at isha.tv

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