Have you noticed how easy it is to focus on what makes you feel dull, dense, depressed? Why? Because we have moved away from our true nature. We must begin to focus on joy on the beauty, innocence, appreciation, love and gratitude present in each moment. Is it not time that we enjoyed a little more of that?

The wonderful thing is that joy does not have a fixed format. It is an energetic vibration which flows freely from within, bubbling up like a mountain spring. Its constant spontaneity nourishes and refreshes us. Bliss does not seek what is wrong. If it did, the waters would soon stagnate. Bliss is open to love and to being that love.

Instead of waiting for external fulfillment pleasure, the next novelty to consume, or the new game, become that bliss. Stop wandering into the past and the future. They have had enough of your energy. It is time to give the present, where life is happening, a little of the attention it deserves. Children have an advantage in the arena of happiness; they approach everything as if it were for the first time. They see magic and wonder everywhere. Can you imagine what a relief it would be to get back to that state?

When I was a child, I just was. I was not watching myself, or measuring the reactions of those around me. I was not manipulating, seducing or controlling. Being was enough. I had no idea what it was to make a fool of myself or to be serious. If I was happy, I would laugh and if I was sad, I would cry. I did not question my actions. Everything just was as it was. I was the state of being, being. However, as we carry the accumulated baggage of adulthood, with distorted opinions, fears and perceptions we lose spontaneity.

You can start again to perceive things as a child would. Try to see each person anew. When your boss calls you to his office, do not automatically expect him to admonish you he may want to give you a raise! Adopt the empty and spontaneous innocence of a child and open to receive with joy.

We take things too seriously, and that’s very sad. We want to be what we “should” be, to fulfil what we believe they expect from us. We think: “Do not be ridiculous”, “do not speak without being asked”, “do not be immature”, “do not say what you really think”, “what should I say?” Self control and self criticism exhaust our ability to play and enjoy free expression.

We must learn again to flow from the heart: to allow ourselves to look ridiculous, to dance freely, to stop and remind ourselves that life is about laughter and joy without care. Test it for yourself. Maybe you will like it!

Isha Judd is an Australian humanitarian spiritual teacher based in Latin America, author of “Love Has Wings” and

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