How Vulnerability Transforms Our Inner Strength


❤️ Many of us don’t know what it means to love ourselves. Beyond having a vague idea about self-confidence, it remains an abstract concept. Many people who appear very confident don’t love themselves at all. I know this because I was one of them. I always appeared to be outgoing, entertaining, and charming, but these qualities were the mask that hid my insecurities, so that no one would notice them.

❤️ To love yourself, you must embrace the parts of yourself that you reject. It is by loving these parts – resentment, jealousy, anger, shame, insecurity – that you will be free from them. True strength will come only when you discover the power of vulnerability.

❤️ Most of us avoid vulnerability at all costs. Society has taught us that being vulnerable is being weak, but it is quite the opposite. When we are vulnerable, we are being real, we are showing exactly who we are. Vulnerability allows us to accept what is, and in this acceptance, we can be more loving and heal ourselves with the strength of our being.

🤍 Vulnerability and emotion are the language of the heart. When I am vulnerable, my heart is open to give and receive, without protecting itself with masks or deception. By being vulnerable, you enter the unknown, release control, face the fear of rejection, and prioritize your own truth over the need to please others. Vulnerability is the highest act of self-love, the key to freeing ourselves from codependency and external approval.

When I began to allow myself to be vulnerable, I was surprised by what I found. I had always been a very strong woman, with everything under control, so it surprised me to find within myself a needy, abandoned, fearful, disillusioned, and insecure child. I came to love her as she was, and only then could my greatness finally emerge. And this is true for all of us.

💙 We have to love that inner child who hides behind masks to protect its fragility. In the light of love, it will transform into more love. Do not be afraid to feel and release what you have hidden or denied: it takes much more effort to ignore the internal aspects than to give them unconditional love. Accept the aspects of yourself – they are a part of you and you cannot deny them – do not turn them into something bad or wrong, embrace them with honesty and acceptance.

With love,
Isha Judd