If our talent is overshadowed by shyness, we miss opportunities to grow or progress, and we feel trapped in a vicious circle. Shyness, disguised as lack of initiative or indifference, comes from a deeper place. In this deep place we can find pure fear: fear of what other people think of us, fear that they will disapprove of us, fear, fear, fear…

What can we do? The only thing we can do is find security within: so that we care more about what we think of ourselves than the opinion of others. We may have thoughts that tell us we have little value, or hear the voice of some authoritarian and critical character from our past who made us feel inferior in some situation we were exposed to. Actually it does not matter what it was, nor when, nor how. The only thing that matters is that when that program becomes active – because that character is engraved in our memory, popping up in our thoughts – we ignore it and listen to our heart saying YES to an opportunity, and take the necessary steps to demonstrate our talent and follow our passion.

It is painful to live with fear, without realizing our potential, without experiencing our passion and without moving forward in life. We can break that by focusing on consciousness, on loving ourselves, and on that space in our heart that says YES.

We are always comparing ourselves, thinking we should be different, that we should be a certain way, or do certain things, so we are not free to be who we are. But once we begin to love ourselves unconditionally, when we become our true essence and polish that, we realize how perfect we are. And we begin to be the best that ANYONE can be.

As you become more love, the mirror starts reflecting that love back to you. As you let go of more judgments, the mirror reflects that to you. Everything is a reflection, for you are the world, and when you change, the world changes.

There are no guarantees or signed papers when we start to cultivate self-confidence. We start trusting, taking the steps, experimenting and assimilating. Making a choice in each situation to move towards that which will bring the best to us, even if we do not know exactly what that is. Because that is the nature of life, when we say YES and focus on love-consciousness: the best always comes to us.

Once you have consciousness, there is nothing you cannot do, because you feel safe inside. And that is the most important thing: that you are giving the best of yourself, because you deserve love, and you deserve to shine. And when we begin to love ourselves, to be the best we can be, we begin to demonstrate our unique talents and qualities, and we appreciate that, instead of comparing ourselves, judging ourselves, wanting to be different, or feeling victimized by what has happened in our lives.

We begin to see perfection, and that is the greatest thing. We are all the best at being ourselves, because nobody can do that better than us. No one. And there is no error.

You are perfect. We are perfect. This is what I invite you to experience.

Isha Judd is an Australian humanitarian spiritual teacher based in Latin America, author of “Love Has Wings” and “Why Walk When You Can Fly?”. Watch “Why Walk When You Can Fly?” on itunes. Her website is www.ishajudd.com. Watch more movies and inspiring videos at isha.tv

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