Consciousness, not only for “special people”

An elevated state of consciousness, We believe

Elevated states of consciousness are not only for “special people” who dedicate their lives to meditating on a mountain top or in a monastery.  They are possible for all human beings, and make us more present in our daily activities.  We can choose how to be in every moment, we can choose love and happiness, bringing the spiritual into our daily activities, to totally transform our human experience.

An elevated state of consciousness, We believe

We believe that an elevated state of consciousness is for “special” people such as the Buddha or Jesus, and is beyond our human capacity. But what if Buddha and Jesus were demonstrating a very real potential, something that is possible for all human beings? The experience of love in everything is a reality, but we have forgotten it. As we expand our consciousness, we see that our heart is continually yearning for more and more love-consciousness. An elevated consciousness never compromises its own greatness. And this does not come from an arrogant place. When one is in a high state of consciousness they are always completely real, they do not hide behind a mask of false modesty.

They do not compromise with their truth, playing small so that others do not feel bad. Arrogance is the abandonment of oneself; it is God playing small, God being a victim and not taking responsibility for his creations. Arrogance is the most magnificent creatures on the planet destroying themselves without respite. It is the adoption of masks in the form of judgments, political and religious opinions and false piety. Arrogance is humans condemning each other for their color, religion or sexuality.

Consciousness is the love of oneself, it has nothing to do with arrogance. We have been taught that loving ourselves is selfish, but if we do not experience unconditional love for ourselves, we cannot give that to the rest of humanity. We often think that raising our consciousness will lead us to a state of zero emotionality, but it is not so. When consciousness expands, we feel each emotion fully, like a child. A high state of consciousness is not a state of disconnection from reality. On the contrary, we are more anchored than ever in life. When we transcend the fears of the mind, we embrace life with freedom and joy.  We become more present, not less.

If we want to have a happy life, we must infuse our daily activities with the spiritual. The material realm and consciousness are two sides of the same coin. Am I being productive? Am I giving? Am I being conscious? Those are the questions we must ask. In every moment, I must be present choosing what I am going to be.  Am I being loving? Am I choosing joy? There must be spirituality in the workplace and awareness in schools. What am I being? Am I aware of the environment? Am I being aware of others? Consciousness is not about going away to meditate alone on top of a mountain; consciousness is in every moment. Am I giving my best? Am I letting go of my stress or am I taking it home? What am I being?

My teachers and I run the Isha centers and my teachers live in the moment: they give, they love, they are happy, they are excellent, they are enjoying what they do.  This is how life could be; in large companies, in schools, in the streets, in the home, and in the world. United and giving our best in every moment.

How can we incorporate spirituality into our daily lives?  Let me know what you think. My team of teachers and I would be delighted to hear from you.  

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