When you cultivate and care for your inner garden, watering your space of consciousness so that the flowers and the fruits of love flourish, the weeds that harm them, the products of neglect and abandonment disappear: for example, addictions and destructive habits that continue to reaffirm that “you are not important or valuable”.

Love-consciousness grows and replaces everything that is self-destructive, everything born of not loving or appreciating, because what we do with addictive behaviour is try to escape from ourselves. As with any other fanaticism, we become obsessive. It is so uncomfortable to be present with ourselves that we cannot tolerate it. It is because we are full of stress, sad and angry that we create something external to avoid being with ourselves here and now. We use our addictions to keep us out of the body or to calm the mind, anything not to be present.

There comes a moment when we want to change, and then we begin to cultivate love-consciousness. We realize that this is what we have always been looking for: that love, that peace, that security. We think “How wonderful that is! “. From that place we continue to act. When we begin to experience things that come from the stress that has accumulated, and the mind starts again “rrrrrrrrr, bla bla bla bla”, we feel the emotion, and return to experiencing peace. Each time we become more aware of ourselves and we can see the signs of these behaviours: “Ahhhh, I’m feeling stress, I need to connect.” Recognizing that it is behaviour based on stress of some kind and being willing to really know ourselves will allow it to dissolve.

The fact that you are reading this tells me that you are interested in owning your own inner space, that feeling at home within yourself is your motivation. There is a call back to being yourself that is attracting you, and you are responding to that. So, whatever method you use, what I am describing is part of the process. By choosing this route, you will be choosing love over your addictions or compulsions. You will be saying: “I and what I feel are the most important, loving and being good with myself is my priority”, and this is how you will begin to speak your Truth. You will be present in every moment with whatever you do, say, feel, and life will take on a new hue, no longer tinged by disillusionment or disappointment, because now you can clearly see reality.

You will experience it as beautiful and people will see you as beautiful. You will feel that you can open to receive and give the love that exists everywhere, and it all starts by seeing yourself as love. Then the experience of inner peace multiplies. It becomes something that you want to have above all things, and you give yourself deeply to enjoying it. Thus, you will radiate and inspire that. You will face difficulties, obstacles and conflicts from a solid inner experience, and you will see your environment vibrate in that peace, even in places where it was not before. And this will happen because you are choosing love above all things.

Article taken from: onmogul.com