If that’s the case, could it be that you’re starting to realize that seeking something external always makes you feel the same or worse? If so, you’re ready to make a profound change: a change from within. You just need to take the first step and you’ll see how you can renew yourself. You’ll see how this deep change is an act of love towards yourself. Let’s explore the steps we can take to achieve it:

→ Learn to connect with what you feel.

In every situation that arises, instead of reacting impulsively with a defense or closing off your pain, you can simply allow yourself to feel. Just as we communicate with others by directing our attention to the phone, WhatsApp, or email, start focusing your attention inwards. Close your eyes and focus on your heart, which is a great transmitter of feelings.

Your attention is there, and suddenly, the connection with what you feel is established.

You´ll be surprised when you discover what you´re truly feeling, that you never paid attention to before. What a profound act of love this is! Love for yourself, no more abandonment and compromise, no more unconsciousness of what´s happening with you, your own being present and vibrating. And it´s this love that you can share with others.

→ Allow yourself to be vulnerable.

That is, be honest and transparent with what you feel once you´ve learned to connect with your heart. This will inevitably lead to emotional maturity and creating the best for you and, consequently, for your environment, healing the separation with others and with yourself.

→ Always speak your truth, like children do.

We have learned to lie and manipulate to receive approval. But by being vulnerable and connected to your heart, speaking your truth becomes essential. Going against what you feel or lying becomes painful because you begin to realize that this is abandoning yourself.

Expressing what you truly feel at every moment is very liberating and gives others the opportunity to be true as well. Relationships based on truth will be optimal, with a deeper commitment.

¡Imagine if we also taught our children not to lose this aspect that is natural to them!!

We would see how their relationships with peers would transform into loving, open, respectful ones, in no way destructive or violent. And so, they would grow up with those values as foundations!

All these steps are very simple, but real and important. Life is simple; it is we humans who complicate it because we have separated from our essence, from our inner connection. And finally, by making that inner change, you are learning to connect with yourself so that everything aligns and flows, and consequently, you can act from that in your daily life, making a big difference, a profound change.

Practice these simple steps and then tell us what happens!

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