I have spent the last month traveling through Europe on my first tour of the continent. The journey has been a wonderful experience of the contrasts of duality: different cultures, different languages, idiosyncrasies and customs.

Holland was fascinating: with whole areas reclaimed from the sea, the country itself is a triumph of human ingenuity. The techniques employed by the Dutch engineers to tame the ocean were remarkable.

The dikes that hold back the water are built from sand. The engineers understood that the sea was too powerful a force to fight against, so instead of trying to block it out, they allowed it to seep through the dikes. When it had done so, the water had become sweet. This struck me as a wonderful analogy to the process of healing. If we resist our fears and accumulated emotions, their force can destroy us: the pressure builds up until it can be held back no more, and explodes in rage, violence or despair. Yet if we allow our emotions to flow through us, they become sweet; as the salt water is purified, so our accumulated emotions flow into a river of love. It is by embracing and accepting, flowing with the forces within us that we find harmony.

If we are sensitive enough to listen, the world around us is constantly showing us how to live a more conscious and balanced life. Where can you find reminders? There are a million different examples, if we are willing to take the time and listen. Watch and observe, and life itself will soon become your greatest teacher.

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