One Month of Consciousness


One Month of Consciousness


A unique opportunity to get to know yourself and to look at your life from a different angle.

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One Month of Consciousness in-Person Retreat Uruguay

One Month of Consciousness in-person Retreat

January 20 – February 19 2022
Isha Judd Center Uruguay

One Month of Consciousness in-Person Retreat Mexico

Easter with Isha Judd

April 10 – 23, 2022
Isha JuddCenter Mexico


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“We all know that we have to love others, but how can we really love another if we are not capable of loving ourselves?

Self-love is not selfish or arrogant, it is the basis of a healthy and complete relationship with life and with the world ”.

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Discover a new experience, while you learn to love yourself

What is fear?

What is fear?

It’s the memory of an experience that has been stored there. Events happen in our life where we feel frightened, judged, humiliated or even violated.

The Chattering of the Mind

The Chattering of the Mind

If we learn to see our thoughts as passing sounds instead of allowing them to wrap us completely, they begin to lose power over us.

What you focus on grows

What you focus on grows

If you focus on your greatness, on love-consciousness, the power of your being will shine inside of you.

Isha - fundación isha hogar de santa teresa

Isha Judd Foundation:

Educating for Peace

An institution whose social purpose is to improve the quality of life, the social relationships and the psychophysical wellbeing of all human beings. Placing personal and social growth at the heart of its main practice, known as Meditative Education ©, the foundation contributes actively to the achievement of world peace.

Isha - fundación isha hogar de santa teresa