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Isha Judd is a powerful voice of modern spirituality and heralds a new era of human presence and oneness in the midst of an ever-changing world. As a writer, public speaker and educator, she shares her system for inner peace and the expansion of love-consciousness all over the planet, and most notably in some of the highest risk parts of society.
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Every year, hundreds of people from around the globe visit her retreat centers in Mexico and Uruguay, or attend one of her live events, to experience deep inner transformation and to receive her message of how through loving ourselves and evolution we can create peace to the planet. Now more than ever, humanity needs this love to be able to flourish in a new era of oneness, to become a new humanity, a new earth, united in peace.

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Isha Judd - Self Knowledge Retreats with Isha Judd

December 27 to January 2
Isha Judd Center Mexico

Isha Judd - Self Knowledge Retreats with Isha Judd

January 8 at 14 & 20 at 26 
2 at 8 & 16 at 22
Isha Judd Center Uruguay

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“We all know that we have to love others, but how can we really love another if we are not capable of loving ourselves?

Self-love is not selfish or arrogant, it is the basis of a healthy and complete relationship with life and with the world”.

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What do you feel?

What do you feel?

When I realized that I was not happy despite having achieved everything I set out to do, I stepped into a new space of vulnerability that helped me discover what I needed. I had to be very honest with myself and recognize that I was full of masked fear, and that if I...

How can I value myself more?

How can I value myself more?

When you ask the question "how can I value myself more?" and begin to look for a way to change, you are already beginning to value yourself. The mere fact of focusing on yourself, listening to yourself, and becoming aware, is the first step that leads to change. And...

Isha - fundación isha hogar de santa teresa

Social work

Educating for Peace
from Isha Judd

It is an institution whose social purpose is to improve the quality of life, social relations and the psychophysical well-being of the human being, to contribute to the achievement of world peace, through the teaching of the Peace Education System called Meditative Education, as a method of personal and social growth.

Isha - fundación isha hogar de santa teresa