Online Retreat with Isha Judd

October 1st to October 03th, 2021

Be part of this unique experience of growth and personal fulfillment…
At such an important moment, where life is leading us towards more evolution and love, the possibility opens up to undergo a profound change, which will mark a before and after in your life.

A retreat full of activities focused
on the cultivation of self-love:


Isha Judd Yoga is a profound experience, simple and suitable for everyone. It´s about getting to know ourselves on a new level: being present within our bodies, learning to be still, utilizing strength while flowing, letting go, trusting and surrendering.

It is not merely a concept or physical practice, but something we establish within our being so we can take it into our daily lives. At the same time, it enhances posture and strengthens the back.


These are gatherings, led by Isha Judd, where she guides all the students into an exercise in nature. This will give you a deep experience of love so you can connect more with the environment, being present and appreciating the beauty of nature. We will be transmitting these sessions anchored in consciousness resulting, in an incredible level of energy.


Unification is the name Isha gives to the practice of her System, which is done using special thoughts called facets, based on universal values like appreciation, gratitude, love, and unity. Continuous practice of unification allows us to clear the stress from our nervous system, returning us to an experience called love-consciousness: our true nature, which is one of peace, love, innocence, and joy.


Darshan is a conference where Isha provides answers from her enlightened perspective to your questions about consciousness and your personal process. These questions will be answered live or we will provide an open space where you can ask your questions during the week.

Dancing lessons

Daily physical exercise is a very important part of the Isha Judd System to move the body, eliminate lactic acid and release stress from the nervous system.


This is an opportunity to talk to a teacher about any situation that is producing stress in your life and connect with the feelings generated by it. The teacher listens to you and very lovingly guides you to manage the emotion in the most appropriate way. Expression may also be done with your peers in the “meetings”.

For personalized support during the retreat, you just have to ask for “expression” in the associated WhatsApp group.

Workshop “Peace amidst the storm”

Group activity led by a Teacher to explore and deepen a specific topic using the tools of the Isha Judd System.