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Love yourself, Love your life


We have prepared this workshop to bring you deep within, where you will find everything you have spent your entire life searching for externally. You will learn to love and appreciate yourself exactly as you are. You will understand what your purpose is and how to live it, and you will start to create a life that you can truly love.   More and more people are asking us how they can find meaning in their lives, how to deal with distrust, fear, and insecurity, so that they can move forward in life. In response to this need I created this online workshop.

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You can have a better life

Imagine how great it would be to not only live your own life with a profound sense of purpose and meaning, but to also become a positive influence and role model for your children and everyone around you!  Imagine how wonderful it would be to grow closer to your family and to build excellent relationships with everyone in your life, letting go of the things that separate you, or that hold you back from trusting in yourself or trusting in others and being open to flow. Imagine if you could wake up happy every morning, enjoying every step of your day; imagine if every time you looked in the mirror what you saw was a person you love staring back at you.  All of this is possible, and so much more…

You may not know how to get there

We often end up doing things that are the opposite of what we need, things that take all the joy out of life.  I did this for years and wasn’t even aware that I was doing it! Have you ever wondered if your life could be better?   Maybe you are caught in a codependent relationship or held hostage by some addiction such as smoking, drinking, taking drugs, overeating, overworking or some other habit that doesn’t serve your sense of wellbeing or happiness. Maybe you have trouble finishing whatever you start because deep down you are afraid you are going to fail so it is easier to give up without taking any risk.   Maybe you always find partners who won’t commit because on some level you are also afraid to commit.

The good news

When I finally decided to look within, I was shocked to discover that I was, in fact, my own worst enemy. Little by little, I started to go deeper, and as I did, I began to uncover something else, something far more amazing.   I realised that what I had really wanted all along was to be happy and to feel loved. Through my process of self-discovery,  I found everything I was looking for in the most unexpected of places: buried deep within myself.  Now, my goal is to help you dive within yourself in order to find everything you are searching for too.

I know I can help you

I’ve been teaching these tools for more than 20 years, and in the process, I have seen thousands of people all over the planet experience a profound and lasting change in how they feel and how they relate to others and to their world.  I run two retreat centers in Latin America and travel constantly around the globe, sharing my experience and my system with those who are ready to receive it. Large numbers of people have also benefited from the social work I do, including many high security prisoners who have radically changed their lives.  Imagine, if they are able to change their experience of life in such extreme circumstances, how easy must it be for you to do the same?

Testimonies from a few of my students

What you can expect

This workshop will begin by teaching you the Isha Judd System and will then bring you through a series of modules designed to help you find unconditional love for yourself and, as a consequence, to create a life you can love:

  • You will start to wake up in the morning with a new passion for life.

  • You will become more genuine and transparent, thereby improving the quality of all your relationships.

  • You will start to love yourself and appreciate your own unique talents, attributes and abilities, using them effectively to create abundance in your life

  • You will become authentically yourself in a way that is spontaneous, happy and free.

  • You will be able to honestly and calmly communicate what you need in a way that works for everyone involved.

  • You will have a set of tools that will help you become the greatness of who you really are and walk through your fears to create the life of your dreams.

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