What is missing?

Theme 1

Today I’m going to talk about creating a life you can lovea

But first, close your eyes for a few minutes, put your attention in your heart and think the first Facet “Praise love for this moment in its perfection”. Continue reading once you feel anchored in the present moment, appreciating this time for yourself.

Before I get into the topic for today, I want to say I’m very happy to hear that many of you are seeing real results from practicing the system and doing the exercises I gave you. I strongly recommend the exercise of appreciation as a lifelong habit. It can make a big difference to your perception and experience in life. What you focus on grows, and if you start to place your attention on what is going well in your life, you begin to create more of that.

This is the final module of the workshop. Your progress so far will be in direct proportion to the amount of time you have spent practicing the system since we started. When we finish, you will still have two bonus weeks with my teachers so make the most of that time with them. Continue to unify for an hour each day with eyes closed, and think a facet as often as possible with eyes open throughout the day. Exercise, drink water, speak honestly, feel your emotions and move the energy. Make this a lifetime habit and there will be no end to your evolution. You are the most important thing in your life, so invest in yourself. Now enjoy this module and the exercises.

Module 10 Activity exercise – Find joy in giving

If you do this exercise every day this week, it may also become a habit that you enjoy so much, you will do it for the rest of your life. If you are not used to giving, you will be surprised how much joy this exercise can bring you. The important thing is that you don’t expect anything in return. Maybe you will give one day without the recipient knowing who gave to them. Play with this exercise and see how your mood lifts when you brighten someone else’s day.

Start by planning how you will do this exercise using the exercise workbook and instructions, and then carry out your plan over the week

And if you haven’t done so already, let us know how you are getting on in the Facebook group.


Remember you have a full week to do this module, so take your time and really absorb the message and the energy in each of the videos.

When you are ready, continue with lesson 2

Become someone you can love.

Theme 2

What kind of person would you need to be so you can love yourself? What actions would this person take in their lives? How would they act with other people and with themselves?

As you learned in the last module, you need to let go of the story about who you are and open to evolve. Start to act like the person you want to be. Ask yourself, what would this person do now, in this moment. Your future is not determined by your past, but by the choices you make in this moment. If you make each moment an opportunity to be the person you would like to be you redefine yourself, your experience of life and your future. It’s time to let go of the past, and your idea about who you are, and instead become your own superhero. Here are some examples of areas you may wish to focus on changing.

Be totally honest in all areas of your life (1:10)

Many people think its ok to manipulate or cheat slightly to get what they want. But, when we love ourselves we realise the importance of honesty to maintain our sense of wellbeing. And when we are totally honest with ourselves and with others, everything starts to flow. Watch my video about honesty in life and in business.

Find freedom from limitation (4:15)

If you want your life to flourish you have to nourish your consciousness and push the limits.

In this video you can learn how to let go of your limitations and find the freedom to be yourself

Discover the joy of giving (2:50)

Do you find joy in giving, or do you give because you have to? Do you give happily for a while and then become resented, if it is not reciprocated? This video talks about how we can find joy in giving. This is one of the greatest secrets in life. Our happiness does not depend on what we have or how much we can get, but on how much we appreciate what we have and how much we give.

Surrender the intellect to consciousness (2:44)

The intellect is very important to navigate our way successfully through life But do you think it has all the answers?

In this video you can hear what I discovered about the intellect.

Take your time to watch these videos a few times, and as always, be very aware of any resistance or emotions that they trigger. Don’t move to the next lesson until you have moved and released the energy associated with these emotions. Get support if you need it and be willing to share your experiences in the group.

Fall in love with yourself.

Theme 3

Now that you have started behaving in ways that you admire you will find it easy to love these aspects of yourself. You start to realise that you can use any self-judgment to move the energy associated with that judgment so you can make a different choice in the future. Every failure is an opportunity to learn and when you view life in this way, you realise that no matter what happens you don’t really fail. Everything is an opportunity for growth no matter what the outcome, and our ongoing evolution is the most valuable pursuit in life.

We must also learn to love all aspects of ourselves, even where we still can’t make the choice we want to make. We may still feel jealous in some situation, or act spitefully, or feel resentful. But adding self-judgement, serves for nothing. Instead go within and accept this aspect of yourself lovingly. What we resist persists, and what we embrace dissolves. So stop fighting with yourself, stop trying to kill off your inner demons and instead learn to accept and love them as part of your human experience.

You will often see aspects of yourself, that you want to disown, mirrored back to you by other people in your life. When you find yourself judging someone or some experience in your life, go within and find that aspect within yourself and move the associated emotion until you can lovingly sit with it. As you heal your internal judgments you will discover that other people and events will lose their power to upset you.

Here are some further suggestions to help you find unconditional love for yourself.

Discover yourself (1:12)

Do you really know who you are and what you think, or have you absorbed everything from your parents, and the society you grew up in. Is it time to find out who you really are?

Trust yourself (3:30)

Are you living life to the full, or are you hiding from life because you are afraid to fail, and afraid to trust yourself? 

In this video, I talk about the importance of trusting yourself so you can live your life fully.

Fall in love with yourself (3:30)

We are all looking for love. We look for it in everyone and everything around us. We compromise and abandon ourselves in the search for love. And all along, what we crave lies buried within us. If we fall in love with ourselves, we become free of the need for external approval, and we start to really fall in love with our lives. My system and the facets are designed to bring you into touch with the source of unconditional love within. In this video I talk about the important subject of falling in love with yourself.

Create a life you can love

Theme 4

When you love yourself unconditionally, you begin to love everyone and everything in your life. You start to live from a place of appreciation and joy. You bring love and joy into every situation and are no longer dependent on anyone or anything external to make you happy. As you love and appreciate yourself you will see that the people and experiences in your life mirror this back to you. The better it gets, the better it gets!

In these short video clips I talk about some areas where you can move closer to unconditional love of yourself and your life.

Live your life to the fullest (5:55)

Are you ready to heal your fears and live a life you love? Now you have my system and by using it consistently you can find a place of security within. From that space you can find the courage to do things you may have been scared to attempt in the past. In this video you will learn how you can dissolve fear through the expansion of love

Find real success?(1:06)

Is success all about moving up the career ladder and accumulating wealth?    Will that make you totally happy?   If not, what can? Here, I talk about real success.

Start living a life of real purpose (2:38)

I know this is an important topic for many of you. So, I’m going to talk about the purpose of life, and it’s not what you might think it is. Open to a new perspective on why you are here.

Do everything with joy (4:47)

Do you want to live the rest of your life in joy? This is the final video in the workshop, where I explain how everything can be joyful if you adopt the right attitude.

Appreciate and share your abundance

Theme 5

A lot of people wonder how to get out of the rut they are in or how to choose the right path in life. Many of them come to do the six months with us. During this time they get to know themselves at a very deep level, they become really confident and they get clear about what they want to do with their lives. Then, when they choose to do this thing, they do it 100%, with such clarity and such confidence that everything around them changes and flows.

If you can’t do the six months, you need to unify at home. Stop putting pressure on yourself to find the perfect path. Don’t see it as the choice of your life. You can always change later. You can do one thing, give it 100%, enjoy it, grow, and if it’s what you want to continue doing, then do it. If not, change and do something else 100%.

I hope that by now, you realise that the important thing is what you are being, not what you are doing. Every experience you live through and accumulate makes you more mature as a person. So stop being stressed about what to do, stop being rigid, stop trying to decide and just let go.

Go inwards, expand your consciousness,and whatever you choose, do it 100%. It’s about what you are being. This is what defines if you are happy or not. Are you happy? Are you loving? Are you evolving? Are you open to grow? It’s what you are being that matters.

This is the final module in the workshop. I hope you have enjoyed and benefited from it as much as we have enjoyed supporting you. I appreciate all your feedback and comments, and have been delighted to hear about the progress you made during our time together.

We will finish the workshop with two bonus weeks of support from my teachers. They will continue to support you in the facebook group and will also schedule two online meetings with you, where you can talk about your experiences and get support to move your stress. Make the most of this last element of the workshop and it will really help you on your journey.

I hope that I will see some of you in my centers in the future and that you choose to continue evolving and growing your consciousness and that you continue living from that space of peace and love that lies within you.

My team will send you information on some upcoming events that you may like to attend. I hope to see you soon.


Isha and her teachers

PS:  I’m going to leave you with one final video to encourage you to continue practicing the system and to stay in touch with us.

Who am I?

Journal exercise

Unify for 20 minutes and connect deeply with yourself.

→ Now answer these questions.


Exercise 2

Find a quiet space where you won’t be disturbed for 30 minutes

Start by asking yourself the question – What can I do that someone else would benefit from? It can be anything

  • Can you cook?
  • Do you drive?
  • Are you a good listener?
  • Do you sing or play an instrument?
  • Can you teach something?
  • Do you love children?
  • Are you a healer?
  • Can you read to someone who is sick?
  • Are you financially abundant?
  • Do you have clothes or other things you no longer need?
  • Could you visit an elderly person living alone who would like company?
  • Or anything else.

Unify for 20 minutes (5 minutes with each of the facets in the order provided) and open your heart to embrace the possibility of giving to someone, from your own abundance. Write as many things as come to your mind.

Do one small thing each day for someone else, expecting nothing in return, and see how you feel.

Share what you did, and how you felt afterwards, in the Facebook group. I look forward to reading about it.