Within the global movement to improve the world, the Isha Educating for Peace Foundation contributes what we consider is the main axis in the development of humanity: inner peace. When a person is at peace, and gets to know himself and be happy, he is able to be a source of inspiration for others, overcome the most difficult challenges and go through anything to fulfill his dreams. It does not matter the social condition, the age, the ideas or prejudices that we have. Our essence is love and when we are our nature, the world is transformed into a magical place, full of opportunities, abundance, greatness and evolution.

We come to the most disadvantaged places, like prisons, hospitals, and poor populations and we always find the same thing: everyone wants love and it is an inner experience that is in our hearts and we just have to remember it.

Having the appropriate internal tools, we provide the most valuable thing that a person can have: self-knowledge, which is to recognize that within each of us there is an experience of peace, that we can always choose, whatever happens in our lives.

This is work that Isha Judd began more than 15 years ago in Latin America and the world. Today there are thousands who join us in this vision of unity.

Many times we complain about all the problems in the world, but what are we doing to change things?

This is an invitation to participate with joy, to contribute with your grain of sand.

Join us in this task of transforming the world from the internal change of each one of us.