Isha Judd Yoga

Unifying with myself and the world

Happiness, peace and love are an internal experience. Isha Judd Yoga allows us to connect with this experience.


Our body becomes both a vehicle for this path and the path itself. We practice body postures and movements alongside conscious breathing, while focusing on the point of attention associated with the facets of the Isha Judd System.

Isha Judd Yoga is a profound experience, we recognize ourselves at a new level: remaining present within, stable and at the same time flowing, letting go, trusting and surrendering. It stops being an idea or a simple practice of physical exercise, establishing itself in our being in a way that we can take into our daily lives.

Isha Judd,Centers Isha Judd,Kundalini Yoga,Yoga,Isha Method

Each yoga class is complete in itself and allows us to develop different aspects,  
supported by the tools of the Isha Judd System:

Isha Judd,Centers Isha Judd,Kundalini Yoga,Yoga,Isha Method

First Aspect

We begin by developing appreciation. We start with the breath and use asanas that create an inner state of presence.  We connect with our body and from there anchor very consciously in the here and now; aware of ourselves, observing our inner aspect and discovering who we really are.

In our daily life this presence translates into an acceptance of oneself and from there we recognize our own limits: we see ourselves comfort eating, or become aware of  discomforts that go unnoticed when we are distracted, all of which allows us to feel our emotions and free ourselves from them. As a result we become even more attentive to our surroundings.

Isha Judd,Centers Isha Judd,Kundalini Yoga,Yoga,Isha Method

Second Aspect

Then we move on to the aspect of gratitude, which is the second step towards the experience of unity. Here we begin to use asanas that anchor us, becoming more rooted and activating our internal fire. That deep and strong inner connection brings us to a new level of self-knowledge and choice.

It is from there that we are able to embrace the body’s own limitations.In our daily life this acceptance translates into kindness towards ourselves, and less judgment. Normally it is the judgment that holds us back, and hinders the flow of our life. From there we become more gentle, let go of rigidities that make us suffer, and flow with the changes of life.

Isha Judd,Centers Isha Judd,Kundalini Yoga,Yoga,Isha Method

Third Aspect

The third aspect that we are going to work on is that of unconditional love. Fully present, embracing ourselves internally, we begin to incorporate asanas that allow us to open, expand the chest, and connect with our heart chakra.

In our daily life this translates into opening ourselves to the new, opening ourselves to love, opening ourselves to receiving, deserving and allowing everything to come to us and touch us. Many times we are so protected to avoid feeling, that we end up hiding from love. Love brings us closer to ourselves and then that expands out towards others.

Isha Judd,Centers Isha Judd,Kundalini Yoga,Yoga,Isha Method

Fourth Aspect

Finally, we focus on deepening that experience of unity, it is time to integrate the first three aspects of Isha Judd Yoga within and then move out towards everything else.Achieving unity with ourselves is the only way we can feel in unity with the world. This translates into more compassionate for others, consideration for our environment, and sustainable choices to support our planet.

We finish Isha Judd Yoga with an internal process of responsibility that is achieved by developing creator consciousness. To see ourselves as creators, we must first transform our victim reactions by developing unconditional love through being fully present.Isha Judd Yoga is not an isolated class, it is not simply an hour of physical activity, it is much more: it represents life itself and develops the ability to choose to live in integrity with each of our actions.

The Isha Judd Yoga teacher not only knows the postures and anatomy, but also knows himself and is there to serve you on your journey of self-discovery.

Isha Judd,Centers Isha Judd,Kundalini Yoga,Yoga,Isha Method

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Isha Judd,Centers Isha Judd,Kundalini Yoga,Yoga,Isha Method