In these times when we are experiencing new situations – secluding ourselves at home with the family, working from there, restricting our outings -, all that energy that we used to put into shopping, into the gym, into socializing outside, is now being channeled into our private spaces. It is a time for which we were not prepared but one that we have to adapt to for the sake of the personal, social and global good.

And it is at this time that we need to learn to cultivate our BEING, just as we used to focus on the DOING. We have to learn to nurture a fluid communication with those around us and, in turn, this invites us to be more sensitive with our own internal communication: open to feeling our emotions and allowing ourselves to be guided by that inner voice that we all have and sometimes ignore, but is a precious treasure that we carry from our earliest childhood.

Taking advantage of this moment, we want to give you access to learning and practicing some basic steps that can lead us to cultivate inner well-being: the tools of the Isha Judd System. This is a method designed to be practiced mentally, which leads us to feel calm and peaceful internally, and physically relaxes the tensions that stress generates in us.

We call this tool Facets. I love to think that humans are like diamonds and that, by polishing ourselves internally, our brilliance shines forth and is shared with everything around us. We dedicate one hour a day to this practice, totally relaxed, with eyes closed, allowing ourselves to rest deeply, solving difficulties such as insomnia.

We will also practice with our eyes open during our daily lives: this will lead us to be more present and prevent us from accumulating stress. And since all this is going to help us eliminate old tensions and stresses recorded in the nervous system, we also do physical exercise, (walking, dancing, gymnastics, swimming, etc.) and drink lots of water, to help eliminate them fully from the body.

All this cleansing will lead us to be more sensitive and connected to our inner voice and sensitive to our feelings in each situation, as a new door opens to guide us in cultivating new avenues to be explored.

Today we will learn the first of these facets. It will lead us to live in the present moment, attentive, open, sensitive, embracing what life brings us in every moment. Thus, the pressures of the past and the expectations of the future will be integrated in a deep presence, receiving fully what life is bringing, here and now.

Here is the facet:


And we take our attention to the middle of the chest: the heart area.

I invite you to think this facet for one hour a day with your eyes closed, relaxed, resting your body, doing nothing else. That hour can be divided into two half hours at any time of the day. You will begin to enjoy a relaxed feeling of well-being that will grow the more you dedicate yourself to cultivating it and giving it your attention.

Also, thinking this facet with your eyes open while doing any activity, you will discover a very pleasant sensation.

I invite you to try this for yourself, and in the coming weeks we will complete this learning and practice guide. If you have questions, you can write to us at [email protected].

And if you want, you can visit us at and watch the movie “WHY WALK WHEN YOU CAN FLY?”, Or find the book of the same title, where you can deepen this learning, since I teach it step by step in both.

We will continue to meet for the next few weeks, walking together on this path of inner well-being.