Many times people ask me if diseases are the product of stress, and I do not have an absolute answer. I only know that when you do what you DO NOT want to do, you feel bad, and that’s a door to illness. It is clear that if there is any physical ailment we must see a specialist, but I have no doubt that the human body has the ability to heal itself, to find very high parameters of harmony, provided that it is functioning properly and not full of stress. It is like the engine of a car, if you do not change the oil, it ends up very dirty and does not work well. The body is something incredible, it has a wonderful ability to tolerate abuses, even very severe abuses. It’s amazing what we do to it but they are all things we can heal, transforming those tracks of abuse into love. We can find harmony now, despite the chaos of the past. Imagine experiencing yourself without stagnant emotions, being very present in your body. We are usually so disconnected because we do not want to feel. But at some point we have to feel, at some point the need arises to change, to stop abusing ourselves and to start loving ourselves.

Many people have experienced disease as a gift, because it forced them to stop, to take stock of their life, and decide where their focus should be. When people reach that point, they make a change and what was happening changes as well. There is nothing that is separate: the spiritual, the physical, the material, everything is part of one unit, but it begins with each one of us. Each one heals that unity internally, and at some point the whole world will be reflecting that vibration of unity.

The Meaning

When we begin to be more conscious and to take better care of ourselves, we become more sensitive and more receptive. It is unavoidable, and here we find something very beautiful. When a person is stressed, this is neglected. He may attend to what he has to attend to, but is disconnected, unavailable, and especially not affective and sensitive. Therefore, communication with his children, his partner, his family and work colleagues will lack the richness of the affective presence, because the person is too affected by what is afflicting him.

But if you eliminate your stress and become more aware, taking care of yourself, the relationship with yourself and your immediate environment will be incredibly improved. Children learn from us, especially at a sensitive and perceptual level: “No, do not do that, do not do this … no, you’re never going to make a living as a musician, you have to be a lawyer, your dad is a lawyer,”. That’s fine, we all have good intentions, but deep down they come from fear, because one perceives oneself as limited, and then perceives others as limited.

But if I find my true essence, my true love, my fullness. If I find love-consciousness, what am I going to say ?: “You can decide what you want to do, I know you can take responsibility, I know my greatness and now you know your own greatness “. First we heal ourselves, that is the most important thing, and then we will give all that love to others. There is nothing you can do wrong. You will only encounter experiences that make you grow and evolve and that allow you to go beyond your limitations, and that is the example you will give. It is an example of trust, of high human values , ​​that in themselves, are pure well-being, pure abundance, the greatest wealth you can find and share.

Original article: The Huffington Post