About the events and the Isha Judd System

Matthew Schmidt, Vancouver BC

The Isha System is the most powerful expression of love I have ever encountered. It has enabled me to go in, in, in and to find what I have always been searching for: the source of love that lives deep within me. Since beginning to practice the System, I have transformed my body, my mind, and my understanding of life in the simplest and most profound of ways. Isha teachers with clarity and compassion and shows us the simplest way into the depths of ourselves where we can encounter that simple space of wisdom and grace.

I have recommended the Isha System to everyone I know and will continue to make this recommendation. Because it is a “system”–a set of tools for engaging in self-discovery–this practice is universally compatible with any belief system or culture. It’s only goal is to bring us into ourselves and to let us experience first-hand what it means to be what we are, in this moment: perfect.

If you are thirsting for change, for a transformation, for an opening into something deeper and more permanent: this is the choice you are yearning to make. Dive in and discover how loved and joyful you truly are!

Janice, Seattle, WA

Meeting Isha, her system, Durga and the beloved teachers has changed my life, my mothers and my family’s. Thanks to Isha I was able to find what was missing in my life to reach an emotional balance that I needed. I carried fears, lacks and sorrows in my soul, which have been healing day by day. I never had a good relationship with my father, and with this I was able to rediscover him, to give him my love in life, which I never believed possible. Introducing my mother to Isha has been a blessing, before she was running from one doctor to another without finding solutions to her multiple illnesses. When meeting Isha she was able to find herself and to value herself more and the most important thing is that for the first time in her life she chose herself before others. Isha is a blessing that that came into my life at the right time, I thank the God if the Universe because today I can say that I feel the balance I was missing. I know I have to keep on evolving, but the most important thing is that I know I’m slow but strong steps towards the plenitude of my life. A big hug for everyone that knows the Isha System and the ones that don’t I invite you to learn it because I know that it will change your lives. Love.

Giselle, Austin, TX

“The facets are taking me to a higher vibration of existence. It is undiscovered territory, completely new and unexplainable.”

Axel Kranz, 49 years, Germany

“Two years ago I found by coincidence the book from Isha “Why walk when you can fly”. The work with the facets fascinated me and I felt a positive effect on my life. But I just used them here and there.

After 18 years in different management positions in a good company I decided that life must keep something different for me. So I decided to quit this interesting and secure job to search for a job that connects me with my heart. 2 days after I gave in my notice I received Isha’s newsletter for “One month of consciousness” including the Mega with Isha. As I believe in fate I thought that this was apparently the place where I could set up my mind about what to do professionally afterwards. So I went to Manzanillo.

But then everything changed and my life took a completely different direction. The first week was the Mega with Isha. We unified a lot, had meetings and had a lot of fun as well. In the second meeting with Isha I explained my search for the “job of my heart” to her. Her answer was as simple as formidable: “No job will ever make you feel happy if you don’t love yourself. But if you love yourself you can make every job and you will feel fulfilled.”

It took only a few more days for me to realize how correct it was. Even after meditative practice, she still didn’t love me. And so it became my first priority to develop my self-esteem and to learn how to love myself. And during the following weeks a lot happened.

Thanks to the great support of the teachers I could get to some very old feelings of lack and could release them. It is difficult to describe how you feel after releasing something that has bothered you all your life. It is simply amazing. Since the end of the month in Manzanillo I feel very relaxed with everything and enjoy my life much more than I did before.

But I also realized that there are still some very old fears left. Therefore I then decided to participate next year in the 6-months program. So instead of going home to search for a new “fulfilling” job I now prepare for the 6-months program (learning some Spanish for example – to be able to communicate even with the participants that don’t speak English). And I am really looking forward to this intensive time of self-development.

Summarized I can say that the month in Manzanillo including the Mega with Isha really changed my life. I am very grateful for that.”

Liza Tapp, OR

“I’ll be buying Isha’s book for everyone I know! She came along at the perfect time in my life and her work is helping me move through that fence of resistance I have been pushing against and into the world I love. I have read a lot of books and practiced a lot of things, yet Isha’s way is the most effective for me yet! I am very grateful for Isha and all of her “helpers” in getting this teaching out into the world. Truly a gift.”

Giselle, Austin, TX


She has a jewel in her eye And her only job Is to keep throwing jewels So that maybe one will land In someone else’s eye And plant itself For a permanent sparkle

Some days It is just throwing pearls to swine But today I caught a jewel “There is only you” I have heard her say so many times But today It seeped into a crack in me And shattered another layer of illusion

So simple but so profound There is only me, I get it My world is permanently shifted Because it is truly only my world Brilliant

Adam, Canada

I have practiced the Isha system for a little more than a year and it has helped me a lot with the escalating stress I felt. I healed myself of so much anger that I had inside me, and today I feel at peace with myself. It was not easy, because I had a lot to express but I am very happy with my current situation, with my present life.

I also started to feel differently about my parents who are very old. Before I experienced everything as a burden but now I feel tenderness towards them. In general, the techniques have calmed and quietened my mind. This grows more and more and allows me deal with situations that I used to try to

Vikas, Mountain View, CA

“I really enjoyed all your talks! Your loving presence itself was immensely beautiful. I have no words to express my gratitude… All I can say is Thank You very very much! Your book Why Walk When You Can Fly is a precious gift! I love the Isha System. It’s amazing! Thanks for sharing your wisdom in this book.”

Joel, Los Angeles, CA

“Isha’s conference left me deeply moved. I have been on a long spiritual journey, which has been wonderful, but without a doubt, the facets of Isha’s System are the next step for me. They have brought me to discover things I had previously understood intellectually, but never actually experienced.”

Marcela. Entre Ri­os, Argentina

“…Thanks to the Isha System, I no longer need to take antidepressants. After taking pills for two years for my panic attacks, I have now been off medication for four months. It’s incredible: I feel as happy as when I was a child.”

Deborah, Vancouver, BC

“Isha, where have you been all these years?! I am so excited that you have finally arrived in Canada. The world is thirsting for genuine spiritual fulfillment, and you provide just that: what a precious gift your facets are for humankind.”