Six-month Self-Knowledge Program 2018

Rules of Coexistence

Essential rules

The consumption of hallucinogenic substances, drugs of any kind, or alcohol, is strictly prohibited, inside or outside the center, during your stay in the program of six months of self-knowledge.  For this reason, anyone addicted to any of these substances, must undergo a prior detoxification to avoid withdrawal symptoms. We retain the right to make an analysis to detect the level of toxicity, if we suspect consumption. This type of consumption works in opposition to the process of self-knowledge, therefore expulsion of the student will be evaluated. Signing this report implies acceptance of this regulation.

Smokers are advised to try to get free of the habit, but as they progress in this direction, they may if they wish, smoke outside and away from the center and its surroundings, but must avoid putting ash or cigarette ends in the neighbors’ gardens. It is recommended to think the facets as an aid to detoxing from tobacco.

During your emotional healing process, you may sometimes find yourself annoyed or angry with other people.   At these times it is important to release your emotions in the way we teach you, so you can release the energy of anger in a healthy way without harming others.

That is why physical contact is not allowed as a means to express anger: hitting,  pushing or insulting expressions are not acceptable. Instead, you can scream while drowning the sound, or hit an object that does not cause harm. In this way, you learn to express your feelings to the person without the old accumulated charge, which is exactly what you are healing.

As we will have children staying with their parents as part of the group, and given that head lice abound in the schools from which they come or are sent to, we will apply precautionary measures using fine combs and the application of natural substances to prevent them from becoming infected. Let’s create an environment free of these pests.

The violation of these rules will give rise to sanctions determined by the Foundation, which may lead to the expulsion of the student from the program without the right to return or make a claim of any kind. This does not exclude legal sanctions, in the case where the action committed is classified as a crime.

Other important rules


During your training you will provide service, so that, through consciousness, you will discover the bliss of giving, thereby transforming the view we normally have of service as an annoying obligation. That is why during service, each one will focus on giving their best and cultivating a spirit of unity and collaboration with their teammates.

In the bedrooms

It is important to cultivate the same spirit of service, with consideration for others, when you share communal space and time together,  avoiding annoying noises or turning on lights when others are already resting.

Upon arrival you will find your room equipped with sheets, towels, blankets etc. These must be kept in good condition and you will have the opportunity to change them regularly for cleaning. Any loss or deterioration beyond normal use must be replaced by the student.

The following is prohibited in your room:

  • Weapons of any kind
  • Objects that can cause fire: candles, incense, burners etc.
  • Food that attracts insects.
  • Drugs of any kind.
  • Poisonous substances

IMPORTANT:  We all need to care for the facilities and materials owned by the center that are used in the bedroom and bathroom each day.    If these are damaged through carelessness, they will have to be replaced or compensated for monetarily. This is true for any damage caused by your neglect.

This, our home, is your home for the time you stay here and with a little care can lovingly sustain us all during this time of self-healing.

In the bathrooms
  • Remember to not throw toilet paper, or anything else that could cause obstruction into the toilet.
  • Be reasonable in your use of water and occupation time.
  • When finished, always leave it in the state of cleanliness in which we would like to find it.
In public areas
  • We all need to take care to keep these areas clean and well maintained, trying to avoid deterioration.   For this reason, it is important to clean your shoes well at the entrance so as not to bring sand inside the facilities.
  • Have indoor shoes or slippers to use in the carpeted unification room.
  • Do not leave shoes lying against the walls.
In the dining room
  • The food provided by the Center is designed to achieve the optimum level of depth during the practice of unification. We highly recommend eating in this way to get the best results from the program. However, some people have special nutritional requirements and, in that case, they are allowed to acquire and use proteins, seeds or other supplements that are indicated by their doctors or nutritionists.
  • Please separate Organic and Non-Organic waste and deposit it in the bins labelled for that purpose.
Security of your belongings

It is the responsibility of each person to take care of their personal belongings and valuables.  It will be considered their own negligence if anything happens to them and the center accepts no responsibility in this regard.  A safe will be provided to store your documents and valuables and each person will have a reasonable amount of space. Romina will oversee delivery and security of these items, and we recommend talking to her shortly after arrival.

External communication, Cell phones and Internet
  • The six-month self-knowledge program is meant to be time spent with ourselves, getting to know ourselves, learning to love ourselves and healing everything that prevents us from being happy now. It is a program of going inward. That is why we recommend that you maintain minimum communication with the outside. Communication should be mainly with relatives so that they can relax knowing that you are well.
  • We also recommend that you keep communication with colleagues on the program to small moments of sharing, without overly engaging in senseless chatter. At the latest, everyone should be sleeping or unifying by midnight.
  • It is very important that during your unification periods, during group meetings, and during service you have no distractions. Therefore it is recommended not to carry your cellular to any of those activities.  
  • The use of the internet is restricted only to sporadic communication by WhatsApp and in no case should it be used to download movies or other heavy files.
  • If any participant on the program needs internet for urgent or work-related issues, they must co-ordinate with a teacher who will be designated for that purpose, and be responsible in their use of this resource.