The Isha Judd System is a very deep and effective method, simple to practice and incorporate into our daily lives. The main element of the practice involves introducing high vibrational thoughts, resulting in the expansion and stabilization of an experience of inner peace and joy, thus transforming our lives internally and, consequently, externally.


  • Releases stress from the nervous system, overcoming symptoms such as insomnia, migraines, fear, insecurity, and anxiety.
  • Cultivates loving and nurturing relationships with others.
  • Raises self-esteem and improves interpersonal relationships.
  • It allows you to find an ideal balance between life and work.
  • It leads you to live in the present moment, thus increasing your productivity and creativity and eliminating stress when completing your daily tasks.
  • It helps you face the challenges of life with serenity, efficiency and satisfaction.
  • And most importantly, it leads you to love yourself on a deeper level, beyond external achievements.

Learn the Isha Judd System in a seminar and practice this method, beginning a journey that will change your life.

Saturday July 4
Isha Judd System seminar live with Isha Judd.

Sunday July 5
Practice and deepening of the System

A day full of activities focused on the cultivation of self-love: yoga – unification – darshan with Isha – exercise of the awareness of the present moment and aerobics.

Once you learn the system, you can join our free support program, either by phone, WhatsApp, mail, or through group support meetings.