Seminar of the Isha System in Berlin 28-29 May

The Isha System is an amazingly simple but powerful method to turbo-charge the expansion of your consciousness, emotional healing and personal growth.

It does not have a belief system or theories, it is easy for anyone to incorporate into a busy lifestyle and its daily use naturally and effectively improves our physical, emotional and mental health.

It is learned in a two-day Seminar, then practised alone daily and also as part of a group in weekly support meetings.

Its use grounds you constantly in the body, helps you dive as deep as you want into your unconscious wounds or shadows, feel your emotions safely and with ease and at the same time welcomes you as part of a community of courageous seekers.

In the workshop you learn and practice in depth a special type of expansion of consciousness, that you can do in any place or position, without the need to have your mind “in silence” or visualizing anything. This Meditative Education expands Consciousness at an accelerated rate and connects you deeply with your Emotions. Therefore, in the workshop you also learn how to deal with feelings and stress in everyday situations, and how to use them to grow even faster.

You will also be taught tools to keep centering yourself during the whole day, in an simple, automatic way, while you are working, traveling, studying, making love, having an argument, cleaning the house!

To grow fast we also need to exercise Authenticity and Vulnerability as much as possible. For that, we have the group meetings, were you will be supported and guided to be able to actually recognize what is going on with you and then to express it freely. These meetings are available weekly after the completion of the Seminar.

The Isha System also helps to:

  • improve stress-related symptoms or illnesses that are worsened by stress like gastritis, insomnia, panic attacks, certain skin rashes, burnout.
  • interrupt the constant flow of thoughts and nurture your observer.
  • remain centered, in the present moment, during the day.
  • create a satisfying work / life balance
  • love yourself more
  • enjoy more each moment, like a kid, instead of double-guessing yourself all the time
  • boost your immune system (due to diminished basal sympathetic activity) or accelerate physical recovery during or after an illness.
  • heal or decrease emotional trauma
  • help free yourself from an addiction
  • have more clarity
  • develop empathy and intuition

28 – 29 May
Saturday and Sunday, from 10:00 to 17:00

Ritterstrasse 26, 10969 Berlin

Early Bird (until Feb 29): 170 euros
Normal price: 200 euros

Ticket includes:
** The 2-day Seminar
** 3 weeks of free group support in person and/or through Skype.
** Secret Facebook group for support, regular motivation, useful tools and news.

Paypal: ishasystemberlin(at) / Bank Transfer / Eventbrite (link comes soon)

(For reduced rate possibilities due to low income, please enquire)

Victoria is an open-minded medical doctor and certified Isha System facilitator with more than 15 years experience working with emotional health, meditative practice and bodywork.

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