Dos Semanas de Conciencia

Isha Judd

Dedicate this time for getting to know yourself and take a look at your life from a new perspective.

Experience a very special retreat in our Center in Mexico, where you’ll learn to transform your life by connecting with your authentic being and the silence that underlies everything. Healthy food, yoga, lots of time to practice the system and the opportunity to share with like minded seekers will give you the rest and growth you need to return to your life totally renewed.

Come for a month and intensify your results:


Get to know yourself better.


In addition to everything you can discover frompracticing Unification, you will also undertake, as part of a group, an inner journey using Isha’s book “Why walk if you can fly?”


Energetically cleanse your body.


You will increase the effects of unification using a light diet, increased consumption of water and physical exercise.


Nurture your consciousness .


-Listening to consciousness, and being inspired by the darshan sessions where Isha answers the questions we all ask ourselves about life. When Isha is not in the center, we show videos of darshans that she is doing or has done in other places.

-Reading consciousness, in the time that we will dedicate to reading and working on the aforementioned book.

-Giving consciousness, by doing service during specified times of the day, as giving is the true nature of consciousness.


Learning to use the tools of the System.

This is what starts your healing process or accelerates and intensifies it if you are already a practitioner.


With the intensive practice of the components of the Isha System.

-Unifying many hours a day with eyes closed and all the time with eyes open.

-Practicing the exercise of focusing on the Awareness of the Present Moment

-Feeling your emotions and learning or practicing how to move them in a suitable way to heal the underlying issues.

-Following our guidelines regarding food, exercise and water.

-Attending the group meetings where you will learn, to express your thoughts and feelings honestly.

In all activities you will have the guidance and support of the teachers.


Two workshops will be held during the month, these will be:

Workshop 1) Learning to love ourselves and the world using the diamond portal.

Workshop 2) Creating our well-being through our choices.

Cancellation policies

We are aware of the implications of the SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) coronavirus pandemic and we want to go further by supporting you with your reservation, so we are making the changes more flexible.

In the event of a suspension in your transfer (air or land), the closure of borders or even any other accident of force majeure that prevents you from coming to our center, it will be possible for you to reschedule your reservation for the next 12 months, according to availability. that you have.



It is not possible to make any changes or refunds if there are less than 14 days before the start of the event. If for some reason of force majeure you have to cancel your attendance at an event, it is only possible to do so more than 2 weeks in advance. It is not refundable, and a retention of 20% of the total value of the event will be made, so you will have the rest of the contribution in your favor for another subsequent event valid for up to one year. For this you must write an email to [email protected], which will be answered with the confirmation as soon as possible. If you can transfer your payment to someone else, please contact us for details.