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January 2025
From 11th to 17th

January 2025
From 25th to 31th

February 2025
From 8th to 14th

February 2025
Form 22th to 28th

It is possible to enjoy a meaningful life, anchored in the here and now, embracing all the abundance, beauty, and magic of life.

In this special retreat you will rest in a deep space of introspection, develop your potential, find inner balance to face the daily challenges of life, and learn the practical tools to transform your life forever.

A retreat with many benefits:

Create happiness:

Learning how to live a happier life by choosing to let go and flow with life.

Living without stress:

Dissolving accumulated stress and cultivating an inner experience of peace, love, silence and depth is the foundation of a fulfilling and happy personal, work and family life.

Love yourself:

How can you not be perfect?
When you love yourself unconditionally and absolutely, it is the most extraordinary experience and nothing external can take it away from you

Cultivate better relationships.

When you learn to love yourself, you start to support yourself in a healthy way, and you automatically interact in a healthy and loving manner with others.

Overcome limiting beliefs:

Breaking through what limits you and holds you from your own greatness is a very important internal change that renews you and enables you to recover your innate power in all aspects of your life.

Free to be you:

Who can be you, that would be better than yourself?
Learning to accept yourself exactly as you are is the best gift ever.

Give your mind a break:

Healthy mind? Quiet mind?
Stop identifying yourself with your internal chaos and choose praise, love and gratitude instead.

Empower your life:

Meditative practice leads you to feel empowered, with the clarity and strength to create the life you deserve.



Conferences where Isha Judd will be answering your questions about situations in your life . (Darshan)


An exercise guided by Isha, taking us into places in Nature where we participate in a deepening practice. (Witnessing)


Includes Isha Judd Yoga and dance classes.


Daily group meetings for support in your personal growth.


Group practice of the Isha System in spacious and beautiful rooms with ocean views.


Permanent and personalized support from the Teachers of our Center.


Accommodation in comfortable rooms with private bathroom.


Three nutritional and healthy meals prepared for you daily by the Teachers of our Center.

Cancellation policies

As a general rule applicable to all our events, the contribution paid is not transferable or refundable.

If for any reason of force majeure, you decide to cancel your assistance:

-Cancellations 20 days prior to the event: A retention of 20% of the total value of the event will be made, so you will have the remaining 80% in your favor for another subsequent event with a maximum validity of up to a year.
You must send the supporting documents that justify it to [email protected] or [email protected] and it will only be applicable to another event with a confirmation email from Fundación Isha. 

-Cancellations less than 20 days before the event: If you cancel, if you do not show up or withdraw before the end, the contribution will not be transferable or refundable in any case.

Fundación Isha  reserves the right to penalize with the retention of the total contribution if the reason for cancellation does not comply with the guidelines.


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