General information for your participation in the event in the Isha Judd Center Mexico (Manzanillo)

Congratulations on giving yourself this special gift of growth and self love!

We want to share with you that in the face of this huge challenge derived from the coronavirus pandemic, we have prepared ourselves to develop prevention protocols and constant monitoring of changes in government policies to continue improving what has already been implemented.

Our idea is that we can live a unique retreat, enjoying the entire process that we always carry out in the center; group activities with Isha, sharing together, enjoying nature, but at the same time taking care of each other and making it the best vacation and the most wonderful time of inner transformation that we could ever have.

The growth process is really incredible, very deep and at the same time very entertaining and dynamic, but there are also important things that you have to consider, in terms of your journey and coexistence. Here is everything you need for your stay and if you need further assistance or have any other doubt, count on us to explain it all in detail:

Something Important to remember:

1. Check in is from 3 pm and until 10 pm and check out is at 12 pm.

2. It is MANDATORY that you have full medical insurance coverage for the entire duration of the program and that this policy covers COVID 19. When you arrive in the center, you will need to bring a paper copy of the policy you have purchased so that we can help you at any point if required.

3. Please be advised that all of the available rooms for this event are shared with other people.

4. To get the most out of your unifying (the intensive practice of the system), we recommend that you bring a pillow or cushion for your head, a top and bottom sheet for a mattress, and a blanket to cover yourself. As well, you should bring a yoga mat, athletic shoes for use in the outdoor spaces of the Center as well as during exercise, and mosquito repellant. For access to the pool and pool deck, make sure you bring a bathing suit and sun protection. (Note: Use of the pool and its surrounding space is conditional upon local health regulations, which are subject to change).

5. Regarding health and coexistence: The Isha Judd Center is a house of consciousness where group activities are carried out, therefore we must observe careful safety and hygiene standards, which is why we reserve the right of admission and we do not allow the access or stay in this center to people with infectious-contagious diseases, such as: Pediculosis (lice, nits), Scabies (scabies), Tuberculosis, Hepatitis A, Parotiditis (mumps), Varicella, Measles.

Important: Read the following protocol carefully, it is attached to the terms and conditions at the end of the form.

6. If you are undergoing psychiatric or psychological treatment, the written authorization of your doctor or therapist is essential to participate in the event, indicating the clinical diagnosis, if you take any medication and if he indicates something special for your retreat at the Isha Center. Mexico.

7. The consumption of alcoholic beverages or drugs inside the Center or during the time within the program is prohibited, therefore, the access to the premises under its effects is not allowed. Here we request for absolute responsibility, because you come to carry out a total process of internal transformation. In the case of suspected substance use, a urine test will be performed to rule out any doubts. Regarding the consumption of cigarettes, smoking is prohibited in the interior areas (it is possible in specific areas).

Failure to comply with any of these points 2, 5, 6 and 7 will cancel the right to continue in the event, without this representing any type of financial responsibility on the part of the Center. In the same way, the center reserves the right to end the program to the participants who violate the basic rules of coexistence.

8. In the effects of detoxifying your body and preventing your digestion to be heavy or slow so that you can practice deeply, we have a special diet for the retreat. The idea is that you follow this diet to take advantage of the introspection process, but in case you want to incorporate something additional the center offers some special services at an additional cost such as detox juices, kefir, chía pudding, protein shakes, etc. Special meals are only prepared in case you have a medical indication and always with the food at the center’s reach.

IMPORTANT: it is not possible to cook or store prepared food in the rooms.

IMPORTANT: it is not allowed to wash clothes in the bathrooms or rooms of our facilities. If you need to wash clothes, it has an additional cost.


General Cancellation Policy

In any of our events, if you either no show or you withdraw before the event finishes, the amount you paid is non-transferable and non-refundable.

If by force majeure you have to cancel your participation in an event, it is important that you send the supporting documents to [email protected] or to [email protected].

In such a case, the Isha Center reserves the right to:

  • Keep the entire contribution or a percentage of it to be reused toward the reservation of a future event in the next 12 months in accordance with the Center’s availability. Or apply a penalty up to the full amount.


We are aware of the implications of the SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) pandemic and we want to support your reservation by adding flexibility to make changes if:

  • There is a suspension of your travel arrangements (by air or land), border closures or other mishap of force majeure which prevents you from arriving at our Center.
  • Before your trip you develop symptoms or have been infected with COVID-19.

In which case, we ask you to get in contact with the Isha Judd Center so that your case can be submitted to our reservation team where we will ask you for the necessary documentation to support your cancellation: airline notifications, airport communications, official notices, and coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) results.

If the information is complete, you will only be permitted to reuse your payment to make a new reservation within the following 12 months in agreement with the availability we have in the Center.  In no cases will the amount be reimbursable.

In the event that the information provided does not meet the above requirements, the amount paid to the Isha Judd Center will not be reimbursable.

If upon arrival in our Center the result of your antigen test is positive or if cold or flu-like symptoms are detected, such as a cough, fever, sore throat, headache, muscular pain, etc. or any other symptom suggesting a COVID-19 infection, the Isha Judd Center will help you to coordinate with your medical insurance provider or Social Security to evaluate the next steps to take.

The Isha Judd Center is exempt of all responsibility.

Summary of Items for your Trip. Checklist:

– 1 blanket and pillow for the mattress where you will practice

– 1 small sheet to cover the mattress where you will practice

– 2-3 hand towels

– Comfortable clothing, exercise clothing, clothing for special events

– Personal hygiene items and sunscreen

– A yoga mat

– Sandals

– 1 bottle to fill with water when you are unifying, ideally made of environmentally friendly material


– Swimwear.

– Personal hygiene items, sunscreen, mosquito repellent.

– Bring cash to be able to pay for the quick Covid test upon arrival

– Printed copy of your return airline ticket

– Printed copy of your travel medical insurance policy, including COVID-19 coverage.

– If you have additional medical or physical health requirements, special food needs or other unique requirements, you will need to bring a written note from your doctor explaining the special requirements you will need to respect during your stay.

– Passport, ID card and/or visa, as required

Before your arrival:


Read the Arrival and Stay Protocol


In order to share all of the important details of your trip, it’s necessary to complete this online form as well as read and accept the conditions and policies that relate to it.

Online Form Completion:

How to get to the Isha Judd Center

  • The address of our Isha Judd Center in Mexico is Calle de la Reyna #6, Zona de La Audiencia in Manzanillo. See in Google Maps. (Go up Av. La Audiencia to the roundabout, then turn up the first street on your right and in front of the little security booth you will go up the driveway through the white arc). Tel: (314) 145 5949.
  • There are a number of different transportation means for arriving at the center, including bus and airplane.  You can read more details here or contact us.
  • You can come by car as well.